Money is Not Necessarily a Great Source of Encouragement

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Today I want to talk to you about our greatest source of encouragement which transcends the realm of material and exceeds your own selfish desires for something greater than any of us can think of at any given time.

This source of motivation has compelled many people to do things that they otherwise would not.

A lot of people think that riches and wealth is an end that can compensate every mean you can imagine, but that is not true.

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A few years ago, some psychologists conducted a research into the idea of money as an incentive for working harder and smarter.

They found a group of people who created stuff out of passion and artistic vision. Then they offered them money to do that job with more determination and principle that they would usually apply to their own work.

What they realized at the end of the experiment is that these people did not do as well as they used to when they weren’t getting paid for it.

Now, this might seem unreasonable and stupid to you. But in a moment, you are going to understand why.

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It might not be a sensible idea at first. Why wouldn’t you like to do something that you like AND get paid for it?

Some of you are thinking about determination and principle right now. That the reason behind their lack of motivation was that they had to do the job at the right moment and time.

But that is not it!

The reason is that suddenly, these people who did something just for the hell of it, had to do it for money.

Their source of motivation and purpose for doing that job underwent a drastic change, and that in turn extinguished the light of their own passion.

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There is a great difference when someone’s purpose for doing something is simply riches and another person does it for the fun or the adventure. This can also be said about passion.

When you are passionate about something, you feel a spiritual connection to it.

When another third party comes in the way of that and offers you money, he is interrupting that connecting and filling its place with something that we all know as ‘greed’ and lust.

Some people do stuff because they are simply fascinated by the process of challenging themselves. That is why continuous research in this matter has shown that money is not a great incentive for people who work with passion.

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Money could even ruin the experience for these people. Principle comes next, as doing something for the fun of it means that you have freedom to choose when you want to do it.

But when someone offers you money, you are going to have to stick to their schedule and desires. This is not to say that we should not work for money, but it is an interesting concept for your mindset.

Do things just for the adventure and the passion that is involved, and not for money, as it is not a great incentive in the long run!




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Passion is more important. Once you have done something with your passion, money will follow.

When you passion and hobbies become your work, it tends to lose personal reward value.

Good points @chbartist.

Good point. Money is necessary for living (food and shelter is almost never free), but if you are lucky, you can choose how to make them. Some people thrive while earning money via their hobbies, other fair better doing it for themselves only. It doesn't mean that you cannot make money doing what you love, but there still needs to be something to do just for the joy of it. Because, once you get paid for your hobby, it becomes work. And with work comes the feeling of constrain and deadlines, and the pressure to produce results that are worth money you're getting paid.

I would love to earn money from my art (painting healing mandalas, HunChakras and making Fairy Talismans with crystals) which is my passion, but I think it's not neccessary to accept every offers. For example, I would never paint kittens playing with yarn, even that would pay much more. And would never make polymer clay earrings with muffin or fancy cake-design (I sooo hate them with their garish color!) I think the same of Swarowsky "crystal" jewelery which is very trendy here! I more value freedom, than others concept that I'm not familiar with.
Well, how can be part of your list?
Hugs, Kalemandra

Despite what economics might teach us, you are right, money is not the only motivator. There is a big difference between intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation and there are many psychological studies on the subject. When people do something because they are interested in it or want to master it, they tend to do better then if they are simply being paid for it.

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The thing is a lot of people are seeking money and profit for materialistic goals.
When I speak of money, I want to use it to create independence and freedom.
For me being rich would mean to be able to do what I want and use my time wisely.
Because time is something that you can never buy back.

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hola @chbartist!

Excelente publicación, trabajo por pasión y no por dinero.

En algunos trabajos, el empleado puede ser libre con la forma en que trabaja, pudiendo desarrollar su pasión, alcanzando niveles muy altos de eficiencia.

Por el contrario, la empresa que delinea rígidamente el trabajo del empleado termina por extinguir la pasión del trabajador.

Muchas empresas deben humanizar sus procesos productivos, promoviendo el desarrollo del individuo, viéndolo como su principal activo.

Just for the money is unsustainable if you also want to achieve happiness and family over the long term. Many need to frist focus on passion, then consider the money.

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Receive money for something that is the product of our passion and fun is like selling our most precious possession. As you explain it in the post, this spiritual relationship would disappear with what we do for a commitment or for plenty of others. That is a true example that we should not mix business with pleasure.

Companies should rather reward excellent work and made with passion with additional recognition to money.

Best regards

I completely agree that one should not run after money but I guess doing work for money is a necessity for many people tu run their living
Keep up with good content

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I know what it is to have in abundance; and I know what the almost absolute lack is.
But my greatest treasure is knowing that my happiness or my unhappiness does not depend on either of the two situations.
I have learned to live in both situations and look for the point of balance.

Good Post,
I visit your youtube channel but the channel doesn't have any content please add content. eager to view your content on youtube.

I completely agree with your approach, money is very important within what contemporary life means, but it is not everything and can not buy intangible things as it is our self-realization. Thank you @chbarist for sharing this magnificent post with us.

Excellent food for thought again.
Money (like other things) can motivate people to a certain extent, as long as it doesn't master and dominate them.
When money becomes a prison, i.e. restricts people's freedom of creativity, then it demotivates them, rather than encouraging them to do their best.

Money is not necessarily a great source of encouragement unless you have enough 😢
Sadly thats true. When my basic needs demand financial stability, I do have to take up an encouraging source and most of the people choose money.

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@chbartist once again with us with great article :)

@chbartist Hola otra vez quisiera que me regalaras unos consejos y por cierto de que pais sos yo de Venezuela!Saludos!

How about doing stuff on Steem to be rewarded?
How about doing stuff on Facebook and not getting rewarded?

Most people on Facebook aside from investors/advertisers/promoters are doing stuff on Facebook and not getting rewarded but they just use Facebook for enjoyment and connection.
Here on Steem or Steemit or other DApps, people are doing stuff in order to get rewarded.
Does it mean that Steem/Steemit/other Dapps is much better than Facebook?
Or maybe these rewards (money) would be a factor for Steem Ecosystem to slowly fall apart and turn into little pieces and letting if fade away like air?

An incredible art

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Good post

Another great article. Such talent.

Money is important in life to survive but its not the first priority. So we shouldn't be money centric.

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Recientemente en nuestro país Venezuela por una falla electrica nos quedamos sin agua, energía electrica, teléfono y sin adivinen Dinero nos correspondía sobrevivir con lo que se tenía. Muchas personas solidarias como otros que con dinero quizas podrían haber hecho grandes cosas en ese momento tan agoviante pero no estaba en su cerebro como prioridad. Allí el dinero no sirve, pero si lo haces girar adecuadamente generará más riquezas y bienestar. Si quieres leer más de lo sucedido


@mariita52 @maroni55 @nataliaeline @ajtech2596 @keithf @wesleyvanderstel @grainsofsand @ mariita52 @naijauser @castleirwell @ juanmanuellopez1 @moghul @ coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine @ alokkumar121 @aceandnotes @ darlenys01 rafique1953 @marvyinnovation @wems @ajks @alaisguineasis @amnlive @kimmysomelove42 @praditya @tommyl33 @samryan @vickykarma @brightsun @ royer94 @ bradley028 @nummulshrma @maxijgcomm @maikelblogo @mrblu @nancymj @petervi @ mcoinz79 @missabigail @saludoalalma @mcnestler @moarafatshow @gargi @luis402 @shahzadeh @sumon-AR-vides @naijauser @yantrax @josema.saborido @ khan.dayyanz @shapescooper

" Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction. "

Erich Fromm

It's difficult do force out creativity, still people need money to function in society. Creative people who wants to create have to balance it out, because they need to live and they can't do that without money.