The Relation Between Wisdom and Logic and the Person Who Sees Through It All…

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Hi, Steemians!

Reading between the lines of possibilities and impossibilities is a job for sages or people accustomed to the art of prophecy.

Utilizing the importance of wisdom and logic, the relation between the two, and the part they play amidst the ocean of possibilities and unlikelihood outcomes in this world is a job for entrepreneurs and dreamers.

That is why I have decided to write this blog post and individually explain all these concepts and their underlying significance.

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There was this wonderful quote that aptly describes the subject matter at hand.

I don’t exactly remember what it was, but it went along these lines:

People with logical thinking try to adapt to the circumstances of the world, while illogical people try to adapt the world to better fit their preferences.

It needs not saying that the latter always fail in life, because their wild expectations of how the world should treat them is always going to end up in disappointment and senselessness.

I know what some of you are thinking. ‘Chris, how do we aspire for great dreams if we are to conform to the pattern of the world and society?’

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This is where understanding the relation between wisdom and logic can be really helpful.

Logic determines the boundary between possibility and improbability. Note that I didn’t use the word ‘impossible’ because it is fallacious and wrong to assume that something is impossible.

If the means are met, nothing is impossible… improbability, on the other hand, is something that determined by the logical assessment of every situation.

Logic claims that some things are improbable, but wisdom assumes that if you have enough knowledge and competence, you can clearly pull it off.

For instance, I want to become a real estate agent. Logic argues that I should have something of a capital for myself.

Wisdom suggests that I should find my way around it using a unique or singular method.

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That is all there is to any improbable or difficult deed in our life;

We should logically review the balance of possibility and improbability, then we should use our wisdom to figure out a way to pull it off!

It is important to understand the correlation of wisdom and logic. Without logic, wisdom can never be useful or practical.

Without wisdom, logic won’t take you anymore, because other than providing enough data, it is not a powerful force in itself.

Commandeer both logic and wisdom to achieve even the most improbable and remarkable things in this world!



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Brief but powerful message that defines the thin line between people who would probably attain success rate in a super fast mode than their colleagues who normally stay in their own well thinking about like let the world change first.

Thank you for this nice blog which only the essence had mentioned in a more powerful manner than deliberating it in length.

Cheers and have a nice day

this differentiate the line of success an d failure among people, those who determined to succeed by all means and those who has determined that whatever comes without work

@chbartist, It is always said "Get Logic, get Wisdom" and the sky will be your limit. Well done.

Wow,this is almost like the first piece I'd actually see the word "improbable" used (chuckles) well, in tje light of the write ups, sub-consciously, one immediately judged that if an attempt to a situation proves abortive then impossibility soon becomes the final conclusion to the subject, the word is just an excuse which when its misused becomes a cheap journey to failure,i wish i have a better and clear way to express my take, improbable on the other hand is like a way impossibility tends to tease one to overcoming a challenge (exhales).

I just came across your blog and I must say I like the way you write and think. Keep up the interesting reads, I hope one day soon I start to present content as intriguing as yours.

It is often difficult to determine which takes over and believe that it could often depend on the situation. It should be very correlated as they both hold hands in making the best decisions.

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There are no shortcuts to success, which means that people need to move forward, keep a clear brain, analyze the problems we may have, and condense all our wisdom to solve it.

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muy buen artículo me encanto felicidades

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