What Happens When Wrong Coping Mechanisms Are Hardwired into Your Brain?

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Hi, Steemians!

What are the roots of our addictions or bad habits that we seem unable to shake off? A lot of people have asked me this question before.

And I must admit, this is a difficult question to answer.

There are so many factors involved when it comes to our mental stability and the decisions we make in that regard.

This makes it difficult to suggest a solution so easily; because from person to person, the dilemma varies and requires its own medicament.

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What I can safely assume and claim about the root of this problem is our coping mechanism when we are let loose in the real world.

You see, ever since our childhood, our parents have told us that we can have everything we want.

They have, through no fault of their own, taught us that life is beautiful and abundant and blissful and exciting and always fun to experience!

When we hit adolescence, we have to face a difficult truth: life is not ALWAYS beautiful or blissful or exciting or fun!

No, there is actually pain. There is actually suffering. There are negative emotions and feelings, and things that can push you down.

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The reality is that we have to work hard in order to achieve anything of value, and even then, we cannot really be sure about our chances.

Simply wanting something does not mean that we are going to get it! This is the truth and the reality of the society that we live in today.

Humans generally have coping mechanisms for the hardships that they have to go through and experience.

When you hit adolescence and are not equipped with the wisdom to develop effective coping mechanisms, you turn to the next best thing.

What is the next best thing? Inhibitors. Things that might give you pleasure and make you a little less prone to pain and suffering.

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What do we have now? An entire generation of young people who do not solve their problems with wisdom or understanding.

An entire generation of young people who have yet to understand the significance of the logical thought process.

An entire generation of young people who do not know how to deal with their emotions.
So, they get addicted to everything that can restrain the pain.

They may start smoking. They may get into toxic relationships. They may get addicted to different kinds of substances, like alcohol.

All of this does one thing: Instead of intelligently approaching your issue and fixing it, you try to distract yourself.

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In time, these erroneous coping mechanisms become hardwired into our brain.

So, every time we experience a new problem or dilemma, we turn to these coping mechanisms that do nothing but harm us.

This is the ultimate reality of bad habits or destructive tendencies.

Understanding the root of the problem is the first effective step to counter the grip of such wrong habits and fight back against them!



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Greetings @chbartist, identify them and develop qualities that serve to face situations where we commonly realize that we can not overcome it, would help in many aspects of our lives, both to overcome bad times, loss of loved ones, diseases and especially economic adversities, thank you for sharing material of such significant value for personal growth, happy evening...

Saludos @chbartist, identificarlas y desarrollar cualidades que sirvan para afrontar situaciones donde comúnmente nos damos cuenta que no podemos superarlo, ayudarían en muchos aspectos de nuestra vida, tanto a superar malos momentos, perdida de seres queridos, enfermedades y sobre todo adversidades económicas, gracias por compartir material de valor tan significativo para el crecimiento personal, feliz tarde…

"Understanding the root of the problem is the first effective step to counter the grip of such wrong habits and fight back against them! "

It is very true - people impulsively react to situations and end up having the wrong solutions and interventions to it.

A very inspiring text, which I'm glad to have read.
I have so many of them...


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Distractions, in general, are awful to havebin our daily lives as we often lose focus on what matters because of them. When they become addictive it just adds to the complexity.

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Very cool post. I have been stuck in the addiction rut for a while as stress in life accumulates.

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Amazing are all your blogs!

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La vida es un compendio de capítulos unos felices y otros tristes y algunos hasta penosos y amargos de verdad salimos al mundo con una mentalidad muy especial cultivada en nuestros hogares por nuestros padres con su mejor esfuerzo y dedicación para formarnos pero a medida que vamos quemando nuestras etapas vemos que todo es tan diferente y si no somos fuertes y perseverantes todo va ser difícil. debemos dar lo mejor de nosotros en ocasiones sin saber si el resultado sera el esperado pero así es la vida.

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This has been an issue of concern for me lately since my dad fell sick because of issues like this and I am making concious effort to enlighten him better..Stress always have a side effect on the brian

muy buen artículo me gustan mucho tus publicaciones :)

Great post. Procrastination has been one of my big obstacle. Looking for suppress it from my brain. Thanks

hello@chbartist. saludos excelente trabajo hermano

Hello there i would like to start by saying this post has come before me at the right time, and now it all makes sense!

I have had many years giving in to addiction and bad habits, mostly alcohol, smoking and staying up most weekends not giving two hoot's.

I have recently (past 5 months) completely turned my life around. I did not have to give up my friends or move away, I did have to accept this was not benefitting me in any way shape or form and was only setting me up for bad luck.

I said to myself if wanted to achieve happiness then i would have to maintain a healthy diet and sleep routine and stay focused on work and pay more attention to my family.

I have not had a day off work in these 5 months and i am achieving all of my goals that have sat in my diary dormant and unachieved every year (past 10 years) It has not been an overnight success and has taken alot of "no thanks im staying in this evening" and "maybe another time, i have to be up early"'s but i can finally say i am in full control and am truly happy with my progress, and creating my good luck has come without realising.

There is still a lot i plan to accomplish and no way will it be easy but with the foundations i have laid, I truly belive i can keep moving forward with a decent pace whilst not leaving any loved ones (friends+family) behind.

Thank you for reading and all the best.


Thanks for the post.

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I just found this post and I think it is very scary for the truth it contains. I am now wondering if there are others who build systems to distract the masses who are unsatisfied with the shortcomings of their job, their marriage, their friendships, if they feel powerless to change them they will be in pain and need distractions. This could be very profitable.
Thank you for this insight.

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