What is the Most Dangerous Creature on the Face of the Earth?

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Hi, dear friends!

From time to time, I have brought to your attention the relentless power that we humans possess, and the infinite potential wreathed by our existence into the corporeal world.

In my own lifetime, I have struggled with the definition of good and evil, and right or wrong.

But one thing I know for certain is that I have always aspired to be better than yesterday.

This is the definition of fulfilment in life, at least for me!

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Today, I want to tell you a moving story that influenced me a lot during the darkest hours of my life.

It is a story from a long time ago, in a faraway city that hosted a caravan of performers and troupers.

One particular show of this caravan garnered a whole lot of attention, for they had claimed to hold in possession the most dangerous creature in the world.

Nobody knew what it was.

The people who paid the ticket and went into the tent to see it often came back speechless, and they were asked to forever hold the secret of the most dangerous creature in the world.

One day, a young and ambitious dreamer travelled far from across the world to pay a visit to the most dangerous creature in the world, unrivalled in its viciousness, greed, and power of destruction.

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‘I have travelled far to see the most dangerous creature in the world. I have bought the perils of the journey in the hope that this visit may be worthwhile!’ The dreamer claimed.

Upon realizing the price that he had to pay to see the most dangerous creature in the world, the dreamer snapped.

‘This is outrageous!

Nothing could be worth that much!’ He cried.
‘Seeing the most dangerous creature in the world extracts a price.’ A bald muscular man standing in front of the tent replied.

The dreamer could not falter now. He had travelled from the other side of the world to see this creature.

So, he paid the estimable sum and was permitted entry to the tent.

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It was a large and dark tent. You couldn’t see what lied in front of you out of the sheer darkness that tugged at every corner.

The dreamer was obviously afraid, but decided to muster his courage and move forward.

As he took more steps, his sight caught a reflection in the air. More and more steps… eventually, he saw a light shimmering on the edges of an obscure object.

A dim light shone in front of it.

The most dangerous creature in the world was a mirror, and that was the day the dreamer paid the price of insight.



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That was an interesting story. Now I am left to ponder what does it mean. And more importantly what should I take from this story and act upon to improve myself and my lot in this world. Hmmm

Oh man! You don’t even realize how I love your posts😍
I am saving them in ma favorites but I wish Steemit have notifications option so I would get notified as soon you release your post😊

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Your writing is always exceptional, I believe that if any of us reads it carefully and try to apply in his/her life definitely would be benefited.

A Big Hug.

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