Why is it Important to Determine and Prioritize Your Values in Life? Part #3

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Hi, Steemians!

Successful and achieved people are different from the rest of the population, in that they have created powerful and effective mindsets for life.

But how are these outlooks shaped?

How do they bring these ideas, concepts, and methods to the underlying pages of their lives?

Well, as I have already talked about this, it all goes back to our values and how seriously we take them.

Taking your values for granted can lead you down a dark path in life.

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Determining and prioritizing these values, however, can give you the happy ending that you have always hoped for.

Let’s talk about ‘Listening’!

Saying less and listening more can be incredibly beneficial to us.

I would very much like to start explaining this by one of William Shakespeare’s quotes:
“Give every man thy ear but few thy voice.”

The great playwright is explicitly stating that one must evaluate incoming information and be less concerned about their own ideas.

When you are listening, you are receiving the ideas that may be different from what you believe, and that can very well change your perception of the world.

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You know those kinds of people who constantly interrupt you in the middle of a sentence?

Surely, we all have experienced it, and it is basically because the person isn’t thinking about what you are trying to say in the conversation.

Let’s not be that kind of person who’s merely waiting for you to catch a breath and toss down their ideas at you!

A person like that would not even give other people’s ideas a chance, let alone accept them. So, let’s do some counting.

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How much talking do you do on an average day?

How much do you listen?

Most people tend to treat conversation like some sort of competition or a challenge.

They think that the person who says the most and manages to persuade other people is the true winner.

Being the perfect listener is a good thing, because at the very least, you will not say dumb things.

Abraham Lincoln once said,
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

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Now is the time to sit down and create a list of whatever values that come to your mind, and prioritize them one by one.

It is vital to look back on them once you’ve written them down. When you understand your values, you will learn to live by them and stay committed to your true self.

Remember one thing: Your values are not you, but they work like a compass and point you to the right direction.



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Saludos @chbartist en principio los valores nos ayudan a encaminar nuestro comportamiento, es decir nos ayudan a apreciar, preferir o elegir cosas, lugares o personas, así llega la posibilidad de crear metas y propósitos ya sean para nosotros mismos o para alguna comunidad donde nos desenvolvemos y así desarrollamos intereses, sentimientos y creencias para el desarrollo de nuestras vidas…

Great post and particularly spot on about listening. If we want to keep people engaged, it's not just about talking but also listening.

That indeed is true, we should take note of our value and help follow them to shape us more better
Keep inspiring.

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Reasoning how the mass does not bring results to reason negatively, not even just to dedicate oneself to one's work, problems and fears without feeding them will die

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excelente post los valores son fundamentales en la vida dia a dia.

Determining and and prioritizing values is important to help one find meaning in life and to vary one’s self through this life with strength and confidence.

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One of the advantages of being an introvert is the ease of which we can sit an absorb information with the skill of active listening. It truly helps in gaining influence and collaboration to deliver results in projects.

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sapere ascoltare e una dote che ormai pochi sanno applicare molte volte dovremmo soffermarci sui silenzi piuttosto che con le parole sa

È vero, il silenzio è sempre una potente virtù. Salute e pace per te.

Thank you so much for the reply

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I like a lot the way you make so easy to understant a dense content ... thanks for share !!!

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hola soy nueva en la comunidad y me gusto mucho tu articulo felicidades