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Welcome to Qurator's Mischievous Mondays!

This will be a weekly competition that we will be hosting every Monday. We want to see a little more engagement and fun when it comes to some of our competitions so this will be a simpler and shorter competition. Easy to enter, but maybe not so easy to win. ;) This competition will be similar to the Monday Missions we had a long time ago, but instead of writing posts to enter we will now consider only the comments and answers on this blog as your entry to win.

Why Mischievous?

We all could use a little fun in our lives. We would even say that we deserve it, let loose a little and have a go at making everyone laugh or think a little, even if it is a little over the top or pure silliness. Go all out and let your creative juices flow.

This week's theme : Five Desert Island Items

Many of use might have thought about this quite a bit, but some might have nevr given it the light of day. This week the challenge is simple. You will be stranded on a desert island and can only take 5 items with you, what items would you take?

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  • Write a comment in this post, your comment will be your entry.

  • Only comments that fit the theme and style.

  • It has to be done by you, no plagiarism.

  • All entries will be reviewed by the Qurator team.

  • Only one entry per week.

  • Deadline: By the end of Friday

  • Your entry will not count if you aren't following the above-mentioned rules.

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The winning comments will receive the upvote on their comment or a recent post/comment if their comment already reached payout.

Last week's theme : Two Sentence Horror Story

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Congrats to all the winners!

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Lols this is my first entry into michevous Mondays as I just stumbled onto this post! I'm loving the vibe here! Here are my dessert items!

  1. A magic machine that can produce an endless supply of anything I wished to eat or drink.
  2. Tools to fix said machine in case it breaks down because technology.
  3. A little treehouse beach bungalow that can withstand and protect me from extreme weather conditions.
  4. A multi purpose smart device with endless battery power so I can track my running progress and become a little running machine.
  5. A magic Library filled with all the books ever written.

I could really live this life!

Boy oh boy, this week we are alone on a desert island surviving.

I'm glad it's five items and not three.

  1. First up is to make a fire to cook, warm myself and chase the animals away. Carry a flint.

  2. A pot so I can boil water and cook.

  3. A knife to cut with that would also serve as a weapon if I feel in danger.

  4. A sleeping bag to insulate me from the cold and be waterproof.

  5. And finally my glaucoma medicine drops, without them I am nobody. 🥺

And if I could carry two more items it would be the bible for being a book full of stories and a bag of energy bar, that will serve me while help arrives or I manage to survive.

  1. I would wear my black bathing suit.
  2. the best and cheapest sun block,
  3. a sound system to set up the rumba,
  4. I would rent an all-terrain rustic, and lastly
  5. my husband to carry all that stuff... hahaha.

Five things i would take with me if I were to be stranded on a deserted island🤔.
To be quite logical here, I will have to take things that will make me survive and will be able to make me escape😀😀.
• I would surely take a Gun, yes you saw that right I would take a Gun loaded and also with extra bullets to protect myself because I don't know what I might encounter in the deserted island. Haha.
After ensuring my safety then
• I would take a knife also to be able to cut things I need and to cut sticks I might need for shelter also it can protect me a little .
• I would take a fishing net to be able to survive because without food survival isn't guaranteed, so catching some fishes will be my utmost priority.
• I would also take clothes to protect myself from harsh weather's.
This last one is part of the most important
• I would take with me a flare used for signal.
This would be able to rescue me when I see a ship or boat or I see a plane, shooting the flare will let them know someone needs rescue.
I think with this I will be able to survive.

My list that I would like to have with me on a deserted island:
-fishing net and rod
-a filter for fresh water supply until I find that fresh water spring up in the mountain 😉
-a little hut for shelter
-supply of enough seeds for fruits and vegetables to grow and multiply when grown

Yep that would do 😎🏝 when do we go?

  1. My headphones and very old iPod but with a fresh battery because it doesn't last very long anymore, lol
  2. My Pur water filter setup so I can have clean water
  3. My Morakniv camping knife and firestarter stick
  4. My warmest blanket
  5. My b&w Kindle, also with fresh battery because it doesn't last as long as it used to

...but I'm not sure which of these I would replace with a setup I don't currently own, if that were allowed: a YETI type power bank with a solar panel so I could recharge the ipod/Kindle, lol.

Wow I am happy to be part of the winners😊, congrats to all the winners🎉

Lol - last again. At least I'm consistent !

Yaay! I see my name and I'm so excited. I love when I see my name in bold red😀😀. Thank you so much.

Desert island and five items? I'll be back.

if stranded on a desert island, then what I brought with me was

  • Sufficient drinking water needs
  • food
  • continues to walk as strong as possible
  • complete outfit
  • temporary stopover

Lovely initiative :D
Fun too!

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Congratulations to all last week's winners: @zyzymena, @soyunasantacruz, @nathen007, @akinolawilly & @hoosie.

Here are my top five things to do to have a good time in the desert:

  1. 🔶 My best adventure book to entertain me at break time.
  2. 🔶 A solar lantern, I couldn't miss it.
  3. 🔶 My solar Tablet/iPhone and a data antenna, as I have to stay connected to Hive to keep posting live.
  4. 🔶 Cartographic material.
  5. 🔶 The food I can carry. The rest God will provide.

I guess I should focus on how to survive and to seek help quickly.
Therefore, I will bring the following five items.
·Sufficient fresh water for one month
·An endurable multifunction knife
·A radio with a box of batteries ☹️ ···— — —··· Help
·A four-season mountaineering tent
·Magnesium rods for making fire(Fire can frighten away wild animals and help me get cooked food)

l will have
One healthy camel
lots of water
enough food
mountaineering tent
first aid box.

. Because we know we will be stranded so I will bring equipment materials to the island including 5 black
one .Sufficient food and clean water. Juga membawa alat memasak. Korek api

Two. Radio and enough battery also I bring And charging devices like those that can be charged with the sun can store energy for the night. Like solar power

Tree.I brought all the tents and equipment with me

Four. Hunting and martial arts materials such as knives or machetes and the like

Five. Friends to stay on the stranded island because we already know so we invite friends