Part 1. Wealth Management for the novice - This is what "Doing your Homework" looks like!

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Which direction is your wealth heading!

I am sure that one of these growths will belong to someone reading this blog!

Which one belongs to you?

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Last week I introduced you to Michael, and what was missing from the blog was an example of what he can do, so this brief blog will give you an idea.

So to give you this example, we need to go back to 2010, where after studying thousands of stocks, once he found some stocks that met his criteria, he then shortlisted some that he wanted to pick.

One I will share with you was..........................

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and in a nutshell, what he liked about this stock, after completing his extensive homework, was that they were a.....................

"well-positioned Company that had the infrastructure in place to monopolize in the industry that they were in!"

In addition to this,

"they are a Computer mainframe Company that supports businesses and governments, they support systems for higher learning, focusing on educational sciences, which business and governments are their main income source!"

When he picked this stock back in October 2010, it was priced in the region of....................

USD$20 a share.........................

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 13.04.47.png

and as you can see from the above chart, since 1998, had not achieved anything you could get too excited about.

This all changed around the time that Michael picked this stock,

which is now valued at USD$176 a share.............................

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 13.17.04.png

Saying that it did peak at...............

USD$178 a share

back in November 2015!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 13.23.15.png

where if you had cashed in your shares at that time, you would have made

790% profit

which would have equated to

158% per year

from October 2010 to November 2015!


Putting this another way, in October 2010, for USD$1,000, you would have bought 50 shares in Tyler Technologies, and them 50 shares reaching a price at USD$178 per share, would have become worth


So for your USD$1,000 investment

you would have made

USD$7,900 profit


USD$1,580 per year return on your savings over the 5 years!

Now, this does not happen by accident, this happened due to the

meticulous homework

that Michael completed, and he could see that with everything in front of him,

this was going to happen!

Michael has been doing this for many years now and has also correctly predicted

market corrections


strong movements within the market

all through his homework, and this is some of the information he would like to share with members who are serious about learning wealth management!

Where I come in to help you, you would have noticed the share price dropped three times

then climbed back up again........................................

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 13.32.47.png

I can show you

simple ways that you can read the charts I have shown you,

so you can recognize if it may be time to take your profits and lock them away!

This we will cover in future blogs!

Now the obvious question

"why are we wanting to share this information, as you are not our clients and we are not your Wealth Managers"

and the answer to this question is, we want followers that we can assist in becoming secure in life, and in return if what we blog is useful to you, we will receive your upvotes and be remunerated in this way!

So we will have to

make sure

that our blogs are going to be

educational and interesting,

enough for you to learn from and see your wealth grow, to create

the followings that will remunerate us for our efforts!


This is what I need, I have been cheated too and want to manage the little I have, thank you and I will keep a lookout for your blogs :-)

This is what I want, to help people take control of their wealth as there are so many people out their that this your wealth, no matter how little it may be, belongs to them.