Monochrome Orchids!

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I love the orchids unique petal shape and the way it's flowers fan out from a single stem.

What I don't love though, is that I can't figure out why the photos that I took in a portrait orientation are uploaded to Steemit as landscape shots hahaha. When viewed on my computer they appear as a portrait (3264x4928 pixels) but when I insert them into the editor it turns it to landscape (4928x3264)... If anyone has run into this issue before I'd love to find the solution :D


Even though the shots seems a little disorienting when viewed in landscape I love the way that a monochrome view emphasises the unique curves, details and shadows that only nature could create.


If you look closely in this last photo you can see that all of the orchids flowers are facing in one direction, except for a lone renegade who has his back turned to the front.

R0010349 (2).JPG

Hope you enjoyed the beauty of this orchid clusters shape and shadow! If you have a solution for my photos bizarre orientation issue feel free to comment below :)

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I'm kind of blaming the phone cameras for that as I've noticed my phone doing the same thing across 2-3 operating systems (depending on whether you count linux distros as separate operating systems or variations of the same one). For whatever reason the rotation data isn't being saved in a way that the server understands. If you run the photos through Photoshop or gimp or similar (don't even need to do anything to the photo unless you feel like it, literally just open it and save it) that fixes it. It's an annoying extra step though XD

There may also be a way to fix it with the phone itself but I haven't gotten that far yet :)

I think you've got hard enough contrasts in there to count as actual black and white rather than monochrome. Orchids are such pretty flowers and interesting shapes :D


AWW mate if that works I’ll be giving you the credit! And you are probably right about the black and white vs monochrome. I used a high contrast black and white filter :) glad you liked it though and thank you for the help

I love these orchids in black and white. Choosing subjects for monochrome is an art in itself and I think these make a great display of depths and textures. ( is this true as I read from a comment here that your camera has a preset nd filter on board? That sounds like a nice feature if so. ) Happy shooting Harry 🌈🌴🦋💛

Hey Sally glad you like it! And yes it is true it has a built in ND filter... I haven't made use of it yet though haha. I was thinking of making a little post to run through the camera I use and some of its features but I haven't had it for very long so I'll wait until I'm a bit more use to it haha

Remind me what camera you have ☺️💛

A Ricoh GR 2. It’s a compact little thing but I love it!

Wow, it is a little beast!! Yes u get some great results. 👏👏👏

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loved the monochrome vibe man!

Thank you! I have a little Ricoh GR II that has a preset high contrast black and white filter, really accentuates interesting forms. Glad you liked it! You have some unreal photos on your wall too 👏

Yeah man, the little camera is a beast in itself. Heard that it has preset ND filter as well. Would love to see your long exposure ones.

It is an awesome little thing! I’ll be sure to give it a go 👍

Beautiful B&W @harrynewman :)

Thank you! Really glad you liked it ☺️

Awesome monochrome, elegant!

Thanks 😃

Unusually and very cute)