Nutrition and wellbeing cont’d

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It is generally known that a person’s nutritional choices play a very important role in his/her physical wellbeing, it is also important to know that it affects our mental health in a very significant way. When you are considering taking care of your emotions, don’t be limited to relational engagements only, also think about good nutrition. A good diet plays a very important role in your emotional well-being. There are proven scientific explanations to this fact which we will be looking at briefly.

There is a direct relationship between our nutrition and our brains. There are certain bacteria released through food intake which sends signals to the brain and could influence our feelings and emotions. So it is likely that you have experienced some mood swings at some point in life and your nutrition was responsible for it. Eating well will stimulate the release of the right bacteria and this influences the right moods.

The brain is directly connected to the gastrointestinal tracts which house a lot of bacteria that are responsible for sending signals to the brain. This is where dopamine and other common bacteria are produced and they affect our activities by creating certain moods. So, maintaining a healthy diet will help regulate your mood and ensure stability. The brain is a very fragile organ and must be handled with care. Food serves as fuel to the brain and you must ensure the right composition of high-quality vitamins and minerals to nourish the brain for maximal functioning.

In case you have been into wrong dietary choices you probably have to incorporate some healthy foods into your diet going forward. A deliberate switch to better nutrition can also be used to correct poor nutritional choices of the past. Negative conditions such as depression, insomnia, can be regulated with good diets, you make a switch by gradually changing what you eat and over time there will be a significant change.

We will be considering some food chemicals that could elevate and regulate good moods before we go into details about the kind of food you should eat to get them.

Serotonin - Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood, it also regulates appetite and promotes good sleep. It generally stabilizes your mood and improves the quality of sleep. It makes you feel good, relaxed and. can generally boost your mood. It enhances communication between the brain cells and the nervous system which in turn results in a general feeling of wellness and happiness.

Dopamine - Dopamine plays a very important role in regulating memory, cognitive ability and can boost your ability to learn. It also contributes to achieving a good sleeping pattern and body movement. It is generally known as the ‘feel good hormone’ because it promotes happiness and pleasure. When dopamine is released in large amounts, the pleasurable feeling it causes can result in addiction because you want to repeat the process over and over.

Next, we will be looking at how to make healthy nutritional choices.