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Great Minds,

The days of storm are periods of our lives when we face challenges and difficulties. It is common to every man. The difference is the time and type of storm that each man face. If you are not facing one today, be sure you will, it is unavoidable for man. What make the difference is how you react in the face of storm. The days of storm are full of diverse trials and temptations and if care is not taken you will not survive the storm. The storm always precede promotion and if you fail in the days of storm you miss your chance of lifting.

Why you need to be care in the days of storm is because
a. It is when your faith is tested and if you are not careful you will forget your belief.

b. It is period when friends desert you and you are left alone to face your challenge. You misunderstand people and may loose your true friends and loved ones if not careful.

c. Days of storm are characterised with lacks of money and important needs, it takes carefulness not to fall into wrong hands in the desire to get your needs.

d. The desire to join evil gangs and involve in dubious deeds are common in the days of storm. It takes conscious and disciplined character to stand his ground and shun evil.

In summary, the days of storm are inevitable in every man's life. If not properly handled, it can make a godly man turn evil and can make a man loose his cool and get lost with the storm.

Your thoughts are welcomed.


I know what you're talking about.
Good luck to all!

That is why it's called the furnace of affliction. It will either burn you up with the dross, or allow you to be purified and your value improved through the heat.
Truth is we all have to face it. Would be good to see people showing care and love to those around them again.
Thanks for post.

Yes oh, that is why we need to be careful to rather be purified and have an improved value. Thanks

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Wow, I am overwhelmed. Feeling so loved, thanks a lot @steemitbloggers

When it rains it pours and then it’s whether you are going to wait for the storm to end or bring on the rain dance... I am learning to dance in the rain because like you say, it is inevitable.... 😊

My dear, it is important to come out the storm strong and better and that takes carefulness

The storms can be present in many forms. You are right with temptations.
Whether it would be a storm of finances and the temptations to steal to make things easier, is there. But you pay the price in the end.
If it is the storm of relationship and the temptation is there to cheat, to leave for something better, not everything is as good as it seems and if you do things carelessly, you pay the price.

I see it as... there is always the eye in the storm. Look at it like if you were the outsider looking in. Always fight the storm to fix the problems. If you can see a way out to survive, then you will prevail.

I am pleased with this awesome contribution to the post. You have enriched this post beyond my scope. Thanks a lot

Thanks for the reminder @princeso that there will always be a calm after the storm! From your @steemitbloggers family

I really appreciate you, you have always shown presence on my post with awesome support. You are a friend.

perfect photo for the storms of life. Take shelter within.

Thank you

Good one @princeso.

I like your depiction of a storm.

Thanks brother

Wise words to live by @princeso. Thank you for sharing :)