Consistency Is A Key To Success

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Dear steemians. Hope you are all in pretty doing today and on. Welcome to my blok @rikaz87 with a light sharing motivation. Here we go....

Doing things consistently is something very important in life. Consistency is an effort to continue and continue to do something until the final goal is achieved. This persistent and diligent attitude will make an ordinary person extraordinary. Likewise with small jobs, but carried out consistently will certainly provide enormous benefits.

Consistency is the key to success in this life. No matter how intelligent someone is, but as long as he doesn't have this trait, he will never produce anything in this life. Our failure is often caused by our inconsistency in doing things. We stop or even despair before reaching the target. That is because of doubts, worries and perhaps because of the fear of failure in us (FUD) . The attitude of doubt and concern about something that has not happened is a disease that we must avoid. Because this is very detrimental to us.

Doubts and worries can eliminate our chances of achieving something bigger in our lives. These doubts and worries will reduce the energy strength of our business, which results in loosening the struggle. Consistency is important because it will allow us to achieve something big in the future.


As a steemian, we have committed ourselves to do our routines on this platform until we will reach successful. we shall to begin with a process of thinking, getting ideas, doing it, doing it again, and again until we get the success that we want to. Consistency is very important in doing process to get the succesfull.

Thank you to all friends who have read this short post. Also thank you very much for your support. May this short text be useful. Finally have cheerful day for you all.

Regard yours,



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