Is The Boys (2019 Amazon Prime) Worth Your Time?

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The Boys is freaking awesome!

Not since Mr. Robot first aired in 2015 have I been this blown away by a new television series. It is incredibly original, quite funny and highly entertaining. It is also super "R" rated. And I mean SUPER. The show contains full frontal nudity, horrible language, and completely over-the-top violence. Although I do not think the nudity is absolutely necessary, it did not become a distraction from the show.

Because my soul will not allow me to provide spoilers, I am struggling with how much I can say about the show.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Although many had said it before, 19th century British politician Lord Acton gets credit for making that phrase popular. The writers of The Boys should get credit for making the phrase incredibly entertaining. At its heart, that is what this show is all about. Although I love the current crop of Marvel Super Hero movies, they all assume quite a bit about humans who have super human powers. Perhaps part of their "superness" is their ability to resist the urge to use their powers in selfish ways. The Boys says, "Screw that!" and shows a world where "supes" use their powers to bank... and I mean BANK.

Imagine a world where a huge multi-billion dollar corporation employs and controls superheroes. That is the world The Boys live in. Imagine what a military contractor could do if they had someone like Superman on their payroll. Now imagine the company only cares about its stock price and the "supe" only cares about his image and getting paid. Now stop imagining and go watch this show ASAP.

The show, which is based on a comic book series written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Darick Robertson, was brought to life Eric Kripke (Supernatural), Evan Goldberg (Superbad, Preacher), and Seth Rogen (ummm tons of stuff). The story revolves around a corporately owned "Justice League" comprised of caricature versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, and a couple of other "supes". Due to the fact that in this reality, absolute power really does corrupt absolutely, a team of human vigilantes is trying to stop the "super heroes"... permanently.

Although each episode contains a fair amount of action, the characters are really the driving force behind this show. While the "R" rated Netflix Marvel shows all seem to be bogged down by boring side characters and their tedious story lines, every single character is incredibly interesting. I can't wait to learn more about each member of the team of vigilantes!

The acting is impressive. This is especially true of Karl Urban and Elisabeth Shue (yes that Elizabeth Shue). The dialogue is clever and interesting. At a few points during the show while the characters seemed to be talking about nothing, I found myself thinking, now that is how Tarantino used to do it. Don't get me wrong, none of the conversations can hold a candle to "The Royale with cheese" exchange from Pulp Fiction but the attention to detail in the little conversations added to the show.

Alright. I think I have said as much as I can without spoiling anything.

Is The Boys worth your time?

"F" Yes!

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Nice! I used to read the books years ago and thought the concept was good - I'll definitely check the show out now

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I never read the comic. I'd be interested to hear your opinion on how they compare.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely so true. Yes I will have to check it out thank you

@hanshotfirst yes it was worth watching it , as the power comes gives responsibility to see it hahaha.

They're filming it here in Toronto, their lair is a CGI modified music hall. Great show.

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Thanks to CGI, anything is possible.

This is on my list to watch sometime. Thanks for the review.

I enjoyed the series it was so much better executed than brightburn when looking at the implications that super hero’s could have on society, some of it was pretty dark and shocking I’ll have to admit but overall I think it was a solid script and great story

Might rub some people they wrong way for its unapologetic style but hopefully it will carve out a niche of fans that support the boys lol

It was renewed for a second season so that is god news.

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