"The past is never dead. It's not even past" -William Faulkner - ANTEBELLUM movie talk.

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Hello hive, for me it is a great honor to speak about a subject as sensitive as slavery. just a few days ago I saw a film that perfectly captures this situation that many humans still suffer around the world. Join me in this post where I will give you my opinion supported by a review of the film entitled ANTEBELLUM

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On a cotton plantation in Louisiana, several African-Americans live in slavery. A unit of the Confederate Army is in control. In this place, not the slightest carelessness or the slightest disobedience on the part of the slaves is allowed. Any type of mistake will be punished in a painful way and even to execution.


Eden, is a submissive slave, who has a plan to escape and take all the blacks with her. However, an unforeseen event will take us to know another life, that of Verónica, who fights for equal rights for African Americans, the difference is that it is in another era.


It is one of those films that you stumble upon by chance. I was on Twitter when I saw a user recommended it, the synopsis was quite limited but enough to stimulate my curiosity to see it. The issue of slavery is very controversial, even when we live in a free world, we do not all have the same freedoms, and ANTEBELLUM knows how to represent this situation, but it does not remain stuck in only talking about slaves, it also touches on the racial issue and is a film with feminist tendencies. Which adds extra points to such an interesting concept for a movie.

horror movies is quite saturated with scares that we all know, stories that have already been told. no one has offered anything innovative to enhance the experience. However, the creators of ANTEBELLUM took a risk by telling a true story, letting the reality of past events, taken to a modern context, be the bridge that connects our true sense of anguish, insecurity and terror with the film. What I am trying to say is that as you progress through the story, that real fear comes to your mind that at some point in life, someone linked to your past, present or future could or will live what they show us in each frame. There is no way to escape the terror that a bond of empathy generates. It's like when someone tells you that the mother of a friend passed away, ANTEBELLUM plays with that feeling that this can happen to you or someone you know.


Eden and Veronica is played by the same actress (Janelle Monae)


In different reviews that I have read it says that cataloging this film as part of horror cinema is wrong. There are different opinions, but in my opinion I believe that it does fit into the genre. Any film capable of transporting your thoughts to situations in which you are in danger is definitely horror. ANTEBELLUM achieves everything it proposes: 1) to show a reality that is currently lived. 2) make it known that although we live in a free world there are still those who want a regression to those slave tendencies. 3) female empowerment, capable of generating changes in society and the same fear that it is a woman who carries the flag of change instead of a man.

If you are looking for a movie to have a conversation after watching, ANTEBELLUM is the choice. til next time hive readers.


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