Gravity: A fantastic journey through a space tragedy

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Here is my entry for the Triple AAA contest FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION (#01): "Favorite Directors" sponsor by @wiseagent and the TripleA Team, so check it out and participate!

Director of week #4: Alfonso Cuarón

Recently I was telling you that I particularly rather than paying attention to who directs the films, I try to focus on the actors and the plots, if the plot seems good to me or if the actors seem good to me, those are the films I will be inclined to see. However, with this contest I've realized that there are film directors who are always on target when it comes to creating films I like, that's why today as part of my final entry to the favorite directors contest I'm going to choose a film by a director who has quickly become one of my favorites because of his incredible ability to tell good stories; Alfonso Cuarón, this director besides having positioned himself in recent years as one of the best in the world, has the peculiarity of being Latino and that makes me feel more connected to the way he creates his films, so for me there is no better way to culminate my participation in the @wiseagent contest than with a director who besides representing me has amazed me with his work.


Alfonso Cuarón's film that I have chosen is Gravity, a film that has more airs of dramatic documentary than of normal film, since it relates facts in a fantastic way enhancing the work of the characters to the point of making them the basis of the entire film, here we do not have a conflict of those that take much of the film to resolve, In this film we have a situation that serves mainly as a trigger for a plot of salvation and survival to develop, a plot delicately set in motion to give all the protagonism to two characters with whom we immediately connect for all the drama and suspense that is created around them.


Gravity is a really entertaining movie to watch because visually it offers us great effects and camera transitions that create an incredible spatial atmosphere where we are immersed in a truly terrifying tragedy, a tragedy that is used by Cuarón to create an intense rhythm where our heart will never stop beating. The plot of the film focuses on a group of astronauts who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to find a way back to earth after the space station they were in was struck by an object that seriously compromises the entire structure. It is truly magical and creepy at the same time to see how the two astronauts try to come together in space using different forms of mobility in order to reach a capsule that can potentially save them, a capsule that that unreachable element that our protagonists desperately seek to reach.


The whole film takes us on a different space journey, as here we have two people floating in the orbit of the earth but unable to move easily to resolve the difficult situation in which they find themselves. Cuarón fantastically manages to give us an exciting journey around the Earth, a journey seen more personally by two actors who manage to perfectly transmit the anguish, suspense and all the adrenaline of having to fight with the forces of space to survive. The rhythm and intensity with which this film manages to create a set of scenes that do not seem cut is fascinating because we feel all the realism that could be behind something as tragic and suffocating as being trapped in space floating and trying to get a way to be safe.


For me, this film is like a concert since all the scenes fit together so well that it seems like we are watching a documentary and not an artistic recreation of something. Yes, I particularly felt trapped by the film, my emotions were constantly shaken when I saw how the story progressed, I didn't even wait for the end that the film gave us, I waited for something typical from the beginning but I ended up loving the end. Without a doubt, Cuarón demonstrated with this film the genius that it is at the moment of creating continuous transitions that do not clash and that constantly elevate the rhythm of the history through a splendid visual route. I dare say that this is my favorite space travel film, as no element feels out of place, everything works and feels extraordinarily used.

This is one of the best experiences any film lover will ever see.

Personal Score: 8,3