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Greetings, Friends!

🎶It is I! Your favorite Sunday DJ!🎶

NEW Time, Same Place

Starting TODAY I'll only be doing an hour-long show. Since I was the first on Sundays, we've moved it an hour later so I can still touch the great and powerful @mckenziegary's Lazy Sundaze show and learn about all things lettuce.


But Why???

I'm so busy! I spend most of my waking hours working on Splinterlands, (hopefully) ensuring a long, prosperous life and huge supportive community. My to-do lists would be overwhelming for a superhero... but I simply take them one (or a few) at a time and keep on keepin' on.

However, this means I'm spending practically NO time with my alien friends and conspirators!😭 This is still my favorite and I do find myself still checking out the newest (craziest) things, but not really having time to 'rabbit hole' anything.

So... instead... Me thinks organizing an hour show each week is much more doable. And we'll still get to learn about the crazy things I'm finding. 😎

Today's Topics:

🥰Father's Day!🥰

Not a lot to say, except fathers are important. 🥰

🥽The Oculus Quest🥽

It's VR, bitches!


Yeah. Those are toilet paper rolls. Just calling it how I see it.😎

Note: No aliens today... but remember: They are out there. 👽

Disclaimer: I am NOT a journalist. I am a commentator, at best. I simply share my thoughts and opinions on topics. gun emoji all black.pngThis has been your friendly neighborhood trigger warning. Have a great day!😍

Today's Tunes:


Carrieallen not to be held responsible in the event the 'plan' is thrown out the window and completely different topics and tunes are discussed/played.

Where to tune in:




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To all the dads out there!



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Glad I discovered this post.
I had no clue you host a music show.
I was looking for shows like these, usually attend snekkys shows on whaleshares.

Will try an drop in this sunday!
See you soon Carrie!

I don't know if I'd call this 'music' anymore...
I DO play music and sometimes PLAY music (ukulele) and sometimes Chris comes and plays music... and sometimes (if you're really lucky) we play and sing together...but mostly I talk crazy now. 🤣👽

Honestly, I never know what's gonna happen anymore... but one thing is for certain ...
image.png least I think so. 🤣

See me Sunday! (Get it? You'll SEE ME. LOL! See? Funny.)

I was going to sleep, but not before I reply to this comment.

See me Sunday!

You explaining the Joke was funny.😂😂

I dint knw you play the ukelele. You are Talented, Carrie.

Now that you said you and Chris sing during this shows.

I am more eager to stop.

See you Sunday!😛

IRL comes first so no worries on cutting back the show to one hour.

Thanks for still doing the show regardless how its length.