My Setup as a One Man Guitar Band - Pt.2 Guitar and Bass

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In this part i want to talk about my setup for the guitar sound. If you haven't read it, maybe take a look at pt1. first, as this is a series of articles:
My Setup as a One Man Guitar Band - Pt.1 The Drums

It's basically it's splitting the Pre-Amp out signal.
From a DI Box (Guitar Line In) with two channels, i receive 3 outputs .

The DI's 1st Output goes direct to the Patchbay (Rec / Live Mix in) to receive a clean signal i can base a natural Sound on.

The DI's 2nd Output becomes the
Bass Guitar
The signal gets EQ'ed (heavily cut in the high Frequencies) highlighting the bass frequencies, linking to a Octaver
Just the EQ gives me a Bass boost when needed to the acoustic sound.
The Octaver get's engaged when the songs are in what i name re-plugged.
Due to the heavy cutting by the EQ i get a quite clean bass 'line', even when playing Chords.

In this image you see the sources i record for the Bass sound. the built in C411, Line and Line with Octaver.

The DI's 3rd Output becomes the
A Guitar Preamp makes all the FX. In my case it's a P.O.D. 2.0 (I know it's old and controversial ;) but it does the job the way i want for live).
When playing acoustic it provides mostly reverb and modulation FX to the mid frequencies. On re-plugged songs it's treated like an electric guitar (even with distortion). The Pre-Amp delivers a stereo Output to the Patch Bay.

I access the sounds via the Pedal board (maybe, one day, i'll do a: all my pedal board switches ' article :).
The four Switches of the bottom row change sounds, and the entire upper row switches are stomp boxes (Delay, Modulation, Drive->Distortion, Boost, Wah-Wah).

This Screenshots of my new re-plugged song (it contains an acoustic and a re-plugged part) show you how i use different sources:
When recording Acoustic Guitar i always rely on Microphones and not just the Guitar Line. As you can see i recorded, the Direct (DI's 1st) In and the Bass(DI's 2nd), and three Microphones (Git Rhythm Ambient).

In Re-plugged mode The microphones are replaced by the Pre-Amp (DI's 3rd)

Hope this wasn't to boring.
If some of you want to get in idea what it sounds like, visit me on youtube (and please leave a like:)

Two more parts are planned so far (Vocals and mixing the sounds)
Stay safe, and have a wonderful Easter time!