Baking Jazz Power - My first self-produced album : "Deliriums"

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Hi everyone!

I'm glad to present to you my first album "Deliriums". It brings together 13 personal compositions written over these past 4 years which have been re-recorded for the occasion.
For those who do not know me (and I know that there are many of you), I play guitar and I am influenced by gypsy jazz, swing, klezmer but also blues and traditional eastern european music.

This album is self-produced and the 13 tracks are composed, played and recorded by myself (Aurélien Lambert)
Mixing and mastering by Julien Apelian / Audio Colors (

You can listen to it and download the tracks for free on the bandcamp website:

For those who would like, you can support me :

You can also listen to other tracks (covers, collaborations) on my soundcloud account :

I am obviously open to all your comments, criticisms, advice, collaboration proposals and others ...

Hope you like it and thanks for listening !! :)


Nice one bro great to see and hear this on Hive !PIZZA

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Thank you stickupboys !! Indeed there is everything on hive and that's what makes it so special
thanks again for the encouragement !! ;)

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Nice... great Jango opening.

Hey ! Thanks for commenting... Glad you like that ! ;)

After commenting I heard the rest and I also like that :)

Great ! Nice to hear that ! ;)

Listening and enjoying it now. I enjoy the mix of styles. Congratulations on putting this together.

I only made my first album last year and it is a great feeling.


Thank you very much Steevc !! So glad you enjoy it ! Indeed, great feeling ! Now I can start other projects !!!

Where can I listen to your album my friend?

Thanks again for coming here !

My album is also on Bandcamp. Just some silly songs I wrote and self-produced. I'm still learning both these things.

BTW I see you delegated some HP to me. You really don't need to do that. I have plenty :)

Thanks for the link ! I'm going to go listen to this ...
Regarding the hp delegated, I wasn't sure what it was and wanted to try ... especially since I was totally absent from Hive for several months ... I had chosen you but I can withdraw them. .. I still have plenty of things to discover and, incidentally, to understand how it all works !! :)

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A big thanks for reposting this my friend !! :)

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A big thanks guys !!!

Just had a listen - and really enjoyed it! Congrats on being able to bring the efforts of your 4 years composing these tracks together into such a good album. It's a really great achievement!


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