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I am thinking about the regrets I have for not pursuing my piano lessons.

I know it is never too late.

But it is not practical for now to catch it up. To those who has a passion or interest in it, here's a little giveaway for you.

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Depending on the kind of Piano that one has, we can find 1 to 3 pedals which located at the foot of the pianos.
It has different functions. Most common pedal used in all acoustic piano which is at the furthest right.

The Damper Pedal or Sustain pedal is the first one.

Every key has a damper underneath, it stops the strings from vibrating. > I think it is one of the most magical sound you can create on the piano.

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Pretty smooth. So what does the 2nd pedal does?

The soft pedal or the Una Corda

is the second pedal which we can find on the farthest left
To start with, when you press the una Corda, the keys will shift a bit to the right.
It makes the sound of the piano softer.

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The Sustenuto Pedal

The 3rd pedal depends if you are on an upright piano or a grand piano.

The way it works is, we'll play the piano or press the keys first. Then when we push the sustenuto Pedal, we can check what happened at the back and the keys holds the keys we last pressed and sustains it.

In some piano brands, it sometimes used as practice piano. So when we play as practice, the neighbor will not be disturbed by our imperfect hits of keys.

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If it's meant for me, I will get a chance to play the keys again and finish it the next time. :)
For now, I it is my joy to discuss this topic with all of you.
Hope you find this easy to comprehend. Next time, I will share with you how to read notes the easier way.

Thank you for reading! ♥
Love you guys! Until next time!

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Lovely! How I wish I have ways to learn it too.

why not? If there is a way, there's a way. :) ♥

Oh thanks for encouraging me, but my fingers are too old to learn the keys

Guess that's the same reason I do have. :/

It's really nice if someone can play the piano. I love seeing somebody who does, it's like he/she has the magical instrument that can bring the music straight to the heart of anybody listening.

That is true. I just late to realize it.
For example, PH Celebrity and sexy actress, Ellen Adarna. TBH, I don't like her image, until I saw her hitting piano keys and seems enjoying. She'd been a total different person to me real quick. ^^V

Hi @feye! I believe in your potential and I've upvoted you with 50%-75% of my voting power for your article to have more presence.


Thank you!

I know how to play the basics. It is not easy but also not impossible to learn especially the curve balls of its.
I consider it a hobby not just an elite person but also a persistent, passionate person that loves music by heart.

Wow good for you! I can only play when there's a number guide for fingers. If notes alone as guide, can't play it. Haha! Oh I suddenly missed it. :)

Wooow amazing

Every songs if we play with piano it would be relaxing song.it means easy listening.. Nice sharing @faye

Thank you, @agungfiki!
I agree, relaxing and impressing. :)