How are you holding up?

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How are you all doing? Holding up with the social distancing and stuf?
I have to say things are all right overhere. Of course we have to follow the 'rules' of social distancing, not visit a store with the complete family, but other then that things aren't that bad.

I do miss going to the festivals, it's prime time festival time overhere but they are all canceled, which I do understand of course, but's a pitty. Missing some great music.
So I took YouTube out again and watched some great performances at dutch festivals of some great artists and bands :)

Tirggerfinger is a belgian band with a rock attitude. This clip is during a 3FM session on PinkPop, Holland's most famous festival. The invite bands whom play on the festival to perform in a little container with a few people / hardcore fans. :) Awesoe concept. Triggerfinger got real famous in Holland with a cover the played on national Radio. "I follow" , but their own music is just as awesome, even better. Check them out on youtube for their other songs.

Dave Grohl performed in the same container during the visit of the Foo Fighters on PinkPop. Just a man and his guitar.... More pure it isn't going to get.
Foo Fighters visited Pink Pop a lot as closing act. Awesome band with a lot of energy. If you have the chance, watch the documentatry about the Foo Fighters, great one.

Rage against the machine, Killing in the name of. PinkPop 1993. A long time ago, but I still remember the broadcast on national television. I played this song with a former band of mine, a drop D tuning on the bass, people went nuts when we played this song :) Our own little moshpit ;)

Just like rage against the machine I still remember this gig of Sepultura back in 1996. I had recorded it on a VHS video recorder which my father erased somewhere in 1999 or so. This was such a great concert of Sepultura. Still with Max on vocals, although some people have doubts if it are real vocals ;). The album Roots of Sepultura was a brand new style of music for me. The Brazilian influences in the hard metal. The drums with so many fills and accents, just overwhelming. The details of them playing, they were dressed in dutch army clothing (guitarist) and Max was wearing a dutch soccer shirt :) ...

A band which I started to like was Kings Of Leon playing live t PinkPop. Of course I hearded them on nationl radio, but studio music is often a bit more polished. Although they play the songs almost the same as the studio versions, it sound more raw and bombastic, this perfomance was just awesome.

Another band with a heavy and hard sound but so well performed. After their 2014 show at PinkPop I often played their album in my car, it's a real risk not driving to hard listening to their songs. The arrangement of this song is just spot on... Everthing is in it's place.

A Dutch 'unbelievable' musician is Jett Rebel. A young dude who is beyond musicality. He has a history of a lot of bad things, but history shows he's not alone ;) . I think he is 'undutch' he has such a international sound and vibe. During this show he got a visit on stage by the one and only Larry Graham, the founder of slap bass :)

Rammstein, you like them or you hate them, but I like them a lot. Some techno rock with a lot of special effects. Just a great main act of a festival. I have seen them live several times, always with a lot of fireworks and controversial song, but the music and live playing is just awesome...

Dutch Rockchick Anouk... She has a long history with PinkPop, she played often at PinkPop. She always to manage to have a great band with her, and she is just such a great vocalist.... I dare to say one of the best female rockstars I know..

Well, for me it's time to go to bed now.....Dream of a new festival season :)

Stay safe and have a great evening,



My wife and I had three concerts on the books for this Summer and all of them have been cancelled or postponed now. It was pretty disappointing. We had carefully selected the ones we wanted to go to because of finances and our schedule.

That's a bummer @bozz , a lot of shows and concerts are cancelled overhere too. It's a pitty. Hope you will go to some soon !!

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