Just getting rid of the dust on the bass :)

in #music10 months ago (edited)

It has been a while since I recorded anything on bass :) , in fact it is already some time since I played with the band.
But nevertheless still enjoying it very much. This is a song from Kings of Leon, Find me. An uptempo song with a couple of nice accents and stops.

I am still playing in a band with my brother, but haven't rehearsed in some time now, but will do again when things are getting a bit more quiet.


Enjoy your evening,

Tak care,



Very nice! Awesome to see that you are still finding the time to play despite all the other stuff that is going on!

It's a moment of rest ;) Enjoying the music !!! Thanks Bozz.

Believe it or not, I get that. Rest takes many forms even active moments.

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