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I was talking to a good friend the other night about making music, playing in bands and stuff.. With a couple of great beers of course :) And I realized that I have played in many bands with a lot af variety in music. Funny isn't it. He asked me why there is such a huge difference in music styles etc. The only reason I could think of is that it really don't matter that much what I play, as long as I have fun doing it. Of course I do have my preferences, but in general just making music with friends or good musicians makes me happy. In this post some songs I have played in my 'musical career' ;)


I have played in a band called 'SixStrings'. The time I joined them I wasn't very experienced yet but they were looking for a bassplayer. So I played in the rehearsal room with them and we both (the band and I) really got along. This song (crazy horses) was something, evertime we played it the crowd went nuts. I loved the song because it was one not played very often by cover bands.

Sonne by Rammstein... A heavy guitarriff driven song... I remember playing this with Sixstrings too. The guitarist was a local hero and mastered the riff absolutely. For a bassplayer not the most sexy songs, but it was fun seeing people enjoying it.

Malle babbe is a song of a Dutch well known artist "Rob de Nijs".. This song I played with the band DoGZ. We were a party band, we had played on a lot of local parties. Rob de Nijs , and particular this song, is well known by almost whole the country :) We combined it within a medley with Enter Sandman by Metallica. You had to see the faces of people when we transferred the song of Rob de Nijs to Metallica :)

This song, I never heard of it before I got to play with SixStrings. Chop Suey by System of a down. When I heared it for the fist time I was "oh my F god", it's so heavy and speedy.. But when I was checking the bassline and melody, I started to love the song more and more... it's energetic, loud and awesome. :)

Dolphins Cry by Live. This song I played with JFK (Just For Kicks). A band with a female singer, great people.. We performed quiet a lot for a cover band. local pubs and parties. We played quiet a lot of songs of Live. At that time a very populair band.

This song was also a receipe for succes. Pretty fly for a white guy from The offspring. I played this song with DoGz. I remember our drummer always started with the cowbell, people always recongnized the patern and went nuts... :) Fun playing this song.

There are, of course, so much songs to mention... Perhaps in a future post :)

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Some good fun songs there. Although I have rehearsed with bands I have not done many gigs. I have done plenty of solo open mics though. Getting a crowd going is a good feeling. Good songs for that.

I have done a lot of gigs in the past, the most with "Sixstrings" and with "DoGz" , it is fun to see the crowd having fun, I have fun for sure But for now with my current band we are in the rehearsal room the most :) But that is fun too, love it :) I jus tlove making music...

Behalve de Osmonds een mooie opsomming

Man, those are some great bands that you covered! System of a Down, Live, Offspring! Some of my all time favorites!