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RE: Update to my Guitar

in #music2 months ago

Wow, thank you very much for sharing this ingenious improvised system! It looks fantastic and I bet it sounds like that too! Sincere congratulations for all your hard work and for this amazing post! Cheers, all the best, and rock on! :) \m/


Big Thanks @vikthor, it took a bit of effort and experimenting. The best is, the sounds can be changed that way. Have a rocking great day!

Thank you so much indeed! Keep up the good work and a lot of health for you to be able to enjoy your original MIDI system! Rock on! :) \m/

Thanks so much @vikthor! will take a few weeks till i'm fully recovered. Can't wait to get back to rehearsing :)

Great! Have a speedy recovery and much health, I hope it's nothing serious! All the best and rock on, once again! :) \m/

...and thanks again🙏just contusions to my ribs and arm, i guess it will be all good before x-mas👍

Have a speedy recovery once again! Much health in addition! :)

Thanks @vikthor🙏

You're most welcome! All the best once again! :)