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Since i am still not satisfied with the sound for streaming, i decided to re-install the 2nd Midi Trigger, i removed when i figured out, it's not necessary for live. But as i had so many issues switching between a un-plugged and my re-plugged sound i have put it in again.
If the System works as i desire, i will beauty up the installation, till that time, tape will do most of the job :)

The Midi Pickups are there to trigger Kick and Snare Samples. Till now i only relied on the built in Microphone for the Kick. The 'Drum' sound is always a blend between the samples and the built in microphone.
Here's a short overview on the signal way:
It will take a bit of time to find best settings on thresholds, gain and cross-talk, but the first try outs made a good impression to me.
The 'standard' out of the guitar gets all the processing from the Floorboard.

If you don't have an idea on what i mean by re-plugged, you can check out a the songs on this youtube playlist and the posts i did here on producing the last re-plugged song:
The Drums
Guitar and Bass

Hope you found it interesting, and have a wonderful day my lovely ones!


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Have fun with that. I know some people use lots of mics and pickups on a guitar to pick up percussive stuff and MIDI triggers is another way to do it. I have enough issues just trying to hit the strings :)


Thanks Steve! you know, this might also covers up a few missed strings :D The reason for the trigger was mostly the snare, as i didn't find a proper way to get the wire sound on an acoustic basis. I tried a few gadgets that are out there, but none did satisfy me.


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Wow, thank you very much for sharing this ingenious improvised system! It looks fantastic and I bet it sounds like that too! Sincere congratulations for all your hard work and for this amazing post! Cheers, all the best, and rock on! :) \m/

Big Thanks @vikthor, it took a bit of effort and experimenting. The best is, the sounds can be changed that way. Have a rocking great day!

Thank you so much indeed! Keep up the good work and a lot of health for you to be able to enjoy your original MIDI system! Rock on! :) \m/

Thanks so much @vikthor! will take a few weeks till i'm fully recovered. Can't wait to get back to rehearsing :)

Great! Have a speedy recovery and much health, I hope it's nothing serious! All the best and rock on, once again! :) \m/

...and thanks again🙏just contusions to my ribs and arm, i guess it will be all good before x-mas👍

Have a speedy recovery once again! Much health in addition! :)

Thanks @vikthor🙏