How to produce your own music video on a budget Part 2

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Hello Hivers and hello CineTV community!

This is part 2 of our series on how to produce your own music video on a budget. If you have missed the previous part then please make sure to check it out since I am just continueing from where I left the last time.

How to produce your own music video on a budget Part 1

It has been a while, our whole team has been busy with their own projects and real life situations. @solymi is heading for Amsterdam tomorrow to attend @hivefest and hopefully he can secure some partnerships and we can start dreaming bigger.
If you don't know what HMVF is:

We are the Hive Music Video Foundation (HMVF for short.)

Right now we are a team of 3: @ravenmus1c and @indiebandguru and myself @solymi. We are looking for enthusiastic musicians and film makers who want to join our project.

The Idea behind our project and our roadmap can be reached on our BLOG.

You can read our introduction post by clicking on the link below:

Introducing the HIVE Music Video Foundation – HVMF introduction post

This takes you to our roadmap

Hive Music Video Foundation – our roadmap

The TLDR version

  • we want to build a solid foundation for musicians and filmmakers in order to help them develop their music video projects.
  • We intend to fund these projects (fully or partially) with the power of the HIVE blockchain by earning rewards throughout the process and also using the possibility of Hive proposals.

1. Our Biggest Priority

This post is part of our program to create value by creating content on the hive blockchain. As we mentioned before we are looking to expand our team with content creators, film makers and musicians of course!

This project is way bigger than 3 people, all with limited time and resources. We want you! We want musicians and film makers to get on board. We can run multiple video productions on several locations on this planet but only if we grow our team.

Who are we looking for?

Anyone who is interested to be part of this experience of producing music videos for Hivean musicians. Of course it would be cool if you would have any prior experience but that is not a must. Whatever your skills may be, please talk about them we are sure we will find a role for you. We are looking for musicians, film makers, editors, 3d artists, marketing experts, content creators, streamers, writers, art directors and much more. Please do not be shy, let us build something together.

Enough! here we go part 2!

How to produce your own music video on a budget Part 2

How long does it take to shoot your project? Production days.

The less time you need to spend with shooting your video the less money you will need.
Rental equipment is paid by the day or by the week, also crew members (if they need to be paid) work on a daily or weekly wage. All things considered I would like to shoot the video in 1 or 2 days, meaning you will have to plan your production days accordingly. Time is taken by preparing the location or the set and setting up every piece of equipment. The less time you need the more time you have to shoot.

If you choose one location and do not have to move the crew during the day you will save a lot of time and money. The longer your days are, the more food, water, electricity, fuel etc. is consumed. Keep that in mind when laying out your production plans!

What equipment do you need?

This of course varies from production budget a lot. Film making equipment can be very expensive and normally all production companies will have to rent their equipment if they want to produce high quality videos. We are aiming for the highest possible quality with the least amount of costs. I have a few contacts where we can get a high quality production camera and don't spend our entire budget on that. With the help of @rhzm we will be able to save a lot on the lighting equipment needed. And I am working to secure other important partnerships.

How much do you need to spend on post production?

There are costs involved with everything in film making and nothing is more expensive than visual effects that have to be edited in after the shoot. An editor will charge you about 350 up to 600€ daily for editing your project. Fortunately we will not have to spend on this one since I will be doing most of the post production work. I very much hope though that someone from the community will step up and take over this part. If you have visual effects the process will grow the team by one more expert, the visual effects artist. The more complicated your visual effects are the more time it will need and the more money it will cost. Money brings us to the next part:

Funding your video project

This is where we can really aim high. The more you can secure in funding from supporters and or stakeholders of your project the better. For the HMVF we will have several ways of funding our project. We will create a founders NFT collection that will directly help to fund this and possibly future video projects. We will try to generate content in a regular manner to make some rewards for our posts.

This is also where we need the help of our community of course. Every reblog, every share on twitter, or any other WEB2 social media will help us grow.

We will probably also try a funding round with indiegogo or a similar crowdfunding service. This would keep the funding we get on hive on chain and the less HIVE leaves the chain the better.

We will also try to secure funding from the DHF and we will see how our proposal works out. The proposal of course will be announced and explained in full as soon as it is time. First we have to build our community to actually have enough supporters for our proposal.

Our main focus is to secure funding with the help of earning HBD and HP. The HP will not be powered down unless it is absolutely necessary to fund our project. All HBD we make from our posts will go straight to the savings to earn 20% APR

In an ideal world we will be able to build a fund of about 20000 HBD over the course of the next 5-7 years. That will give us the possibility to build a team of content creators that actually get paid in HBD by the foundation. But let us stay at the beginning.

@Solymi has set the HMVF as beneficiary of some of his posts and if you want to help us with doing the same we say thanks for that! (even 1% can do a difference)

Until next year we want to have enough HBD to pay for travel expenses and equipment rental. Ideally we keep the HBD on chain and if not we will sell it for fiat to fund the expenses that have to be paid in old money...

How to budget

You need all info available before you can start writing down your budget.

For now I will just crunch some numbers without knowing exact prices and actual size of our budget.

Accomodation and food for approx. 12 crew members for 4-5 days: 800-1200 HBD (could be less depending on negotiations with possible partners)
Travel expenses: 1200 HBD
Equipment rental : 1000 HBD this could be more depending on budget.
Director: 0
Music: 0
Postproduction: 0
Actors and extras: 500 HBD (optional)
Location: 1000 HBD (could be 0 if we're doing it right and I think this will be the case)

This keeps are full production budget sub 5k in HBD

Of course we can always do better and we might get our budget much lower as well.

As I said these are just some numbers crunched. After you secured your budget you can go into the planing phase. We will discuss this in the next post. Hopefully @solymi does not take too long to write it! (seriously solymi! get your shit together!)

Positive side effects


Everyone involved in the production will enjoy the nice surroundings of lake Balaton which is really a beautiful land mark in Hungary, the food is amazing and at that time of the year the summer season has not opened yet but everything including beaches and restaurants have already set up. In an ideal world we all meet on a Sunday for a pre production meeting at my house. We shoot the next 2-3 days and enjoy the rest of the time chilling on the beach if we want. Since we are already there I invite all crew members to stay a bit longer. If the budget allows it we can pay for the extra accommodation costs and as I said I have 8 beds available for free maybe even more.
I have actually looked around a bit more and there is amazing opportunities for acomodation I have found a house + garden with 4 double beds for a really cheap price per night. It is about 3 minutes walk from our house so the team stays close. Additionally the house can also be used as a location. Also in talks with several restaurants who would sponsor some spare food we just need to pick it up.

Crew members:
@ravenmus1c Music/preproduction
@solymi Directing/preproduction/postproduction my wife who is an amazing make up artist and also has experience in styling for movies
@rhzm gaffer and rental of light equipment
@ ?
Are you in?


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Amazing idea!!!



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