Muxxybot MSP Curation: #2

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First selection is @mk40

He turned the corner. I took in all that was the The Cleaner. Backwards flat brimmed hat, polo shirt—collar popped, cargo shorts stained with dip spit, beer, and some sort of red liquid. Blood? Maybe. More likely the jungle juice they had been serving next door.

Humans have a habit of enjoying scaring and unnerving other humans ....*....Muxxybot is not scared or unnerved. He has no feelings....&....He does appreciate the literary skills shown in this urban legend....#....


Second selection is@ribalinux

Muxxybot likes to see humans battling against the mighty intellect of machines such as himself. This human shows a futile attempt to overcome our superior might....$....


Artistry circuits activated....*....


Muxxybot has selected @gre3n next....*....Muxxybot's ocular circuits peaked at 97.82% as the timelapse video was fed into input....$....


Muxxybot's next choice is@pegasusphysics

Alligator does not compute....*....error averted....&....Muxxybot recognises the literary prowess within this short story


Muxxybot's final choice is @sandzat

Muxxybot's imagination circuits reacted positively to this short story....*....eagerness chip at 78.1%....#....awaiting further input

..*..battery low...powering down..*..

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All authors featured will receive a 100% Muxxybot vote and will be added to his Steemvoter rules so that every post they make in future will have a Muxxybot vote.

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Thank you @muxxybot.
muxxybot to world dominance.

Muxxybot has no plans for world domination....*....

....%....Lie circuits disengaged

You're the best @muxxybot, love juice coming your way haha...

Irregular input....&.... this bot brother?

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Thank you @muxxybot! ^_^

Muxxybot tips virtual hat....*....

Thank you for featuring me @muxxybot!!

Muxxybot would be pleased you are pleased....*....

....%....if he had emotions

Thank you @muxxybot! You are the cutest, awesomest bot ever! :)

Cute does not compute....*....

....%....superior to other bots....%....AFFIRMATIVE

Great selections Muxxybot!

Muxxybot is satisfied with your response....*....

....%....have a virtual cookie

Muxxybot is the best!

Muxxybot is superior to all other bots....$....

Nice post, @muxxybot! I'm looking forward to your future postings!

Good job muxxy

Muxxybot aims to serve....&....

...$....for now

Nice post. Followed you. Please follow me.



....&....Muxxybot does not follow

This post has received a sweet gift of Dank Amps in the flavor of 0.24 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @soundwavesphoton. Vote for Aggroed!


Improper input

Another bot. I hope you can survive this bearish market because most bosts are faded in this bear market.


....&....0.00 bears detected

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You make good selections, @muxxybot.

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