#MyCOVIDStory Initiative - COVID-19 Awareness in India

Hello Hivers

COVID is still a big problem around the globe. Humanity has come together to fight this disease, but there are places where it is getting out of control. India is one of these places. @bobinson, one of the devs of the @spknetwork and also Hive Witness, is from India. He has shared with us the difficult situation that the people from India are living in.

This initiative is to bring awareness in India to the virus SARS-CoV-2 that results in the COVID-19 disease. The initiative will be only for people who live in India and have a story to share.


To Participate:

  • It is required that you live in India to participate. We will have the help of some Community Leaders from India to verify this.

  • Write a post or make a 3Speak video sharing your COVID Story.

  • Besides your story, you can share helpful tips or resources, check this post by @bobinson as an example.

  • Use the #mycovidstory tag in your Hive post or 3Speak video.

  • Share your posts on web 2.0 Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Participants will be eligible for upvotes from my account and @threespeak if they choose to make a video. There is also a pool of 1,000 Liquid HIVE to split among participants.

I'm tagging some Indian community members: @jznsamuel - @bhattg - @steemflow - @bala41288 - @saye, and of course @bobinson. If you know more, share this post with them.

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I'm from Pakistan India is our neighbour country first of all when Indian public were suffering from this little monster Covid_19 we Pakistani as a neighbour nation supported them and prayed them to recover. Thats why our nation started a tag on social media india_needs_oxygen which became so popular. Still our prays are with our neighbour nation. Get well soon India.

Great initiative, Dan! Death is still around 4000 per day; in February, that was about 100 per day. The daily death graph is now terrifying. I am from a neighboring country, lots of my friends are from India. I feel too bad when I see my friends losing their near and dear ones!

My prayer is with India! They will win against the invisible enemy.

Thanks for the wonderfull initiative, we all are part of the pandemic and so many things to tell . Will make sure it will reach to maximum Indian. Resteemedd the post and also shared on our discord. @bobinson thanks dear for reaching it out. Good to see u still doing best behind the curtain.

Thanks for this initiative. I will definitely share my story!

India is bleeding right now due to failed governance. The only hope left is the good people who are helping others in these testing times.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Did the general strike change any governance for the better?

It sounds bleak, my thoughts are with you

Did the general strike change any governance for the better?

It has gone even worse!

It sounds bleak, my thoughts are with you

Thanks. Means a lot. ❤

Posted via proofofbrain.io

So you are paying people to spread misinformation? Do you not think the MSM is doing a good enough job of this anyway? There is no virus. There are also people speaking up from india to inform those of us who can listen, that there is no 'Indian variant'. All this variant crap is to sell more vaccines. If UK was so worried about an 'Indian Variant' why are flights still coming in from India. SCAM. Be a part of the scam or be a part of the resistance. Your choice.

I think - its just movement to nothing

Or maybe a monument to nothing...


As long as people believe this bullshit it will continue...

@frot, can you say what you actually mean?

Yes I can, and sometimes I swing that way:




Cheese and Rice, Moony!

I looked at your PeakD post, your website is hosted in New Zealand? So you live there? New Zealand? I ask because, for all intents and purposes, coronavirus doesn't exist in any tangible form thanks to the action of Jacinda Ardern's government. It would be easier to believe in the idea of a hoax when your entire nation is free from Covid-19.

Are there any restrictions in NZ right now?

Just humour me for a moment here @frot, could you imagine the physical, logistical impossibility of maintaining a conspiracy of such magnitude? Don't underestimate the size of the Earth and the number of people involved in the whole human experiment. No organisation of human beings could ever start-up and operate a scheme so large and so omnipotent and perfect in it's execution successfully. The idea is to keep the truth hidden, right? One tiny slip up and the whole thing comes crashing down, right?

I see that as being way too charitable to ourselves as humans, we're just not that good. Especially when operating in groups. Having some nefarious or evil goal wouldn't change that at all.

"You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time"

In the interest of charitable discourse; I'm not saying you're wrong. I haven't actually looked at your website, yet. I will, when I have time. I will also read the UN page and it's documents, linked to in your comment to @xplosive. At first glance though, it just looks like the UN doing what the UN does: trying to make the world a better place, by assisting people who live in poverty; developing sustainable projects that improve life quality.

I'd watch a live debate between yourself and a medical doctor on the idea that viruses have never killed anyone, or that the only possible way to contract a virus is through direct injection. Would you do it, in the hypothetical? How certain are you?

No one has the monopoly on truth, not even you, friend ;)

it just looks like the UN doing what the UN does: trying to make the world a better place,

Stop...just stop right there....lol...how naive are people?

My ex g/f had to perform sexual favors on three or four 'UN peacekeeping twats', in Sierra leonne - everyday - just so she could get rice for her family, after the war....

Would you really like to know how old she was the time....?

How naive are you?...

Excuse me while I go and vomit...this place is full of naive sheep.

Hi @lucylin, that's a terrible thing, what you've described

The naivety of people in respects to a 'benevolent authority ' is mind blowing.
....it has never existed - and will never , exist.
The sooner people wake up to reality, the sooner we'll get back to sanity - and that starts with distrusting any, and all authority_ - as a default setting.
Only then do you have real accountability.

'Describing it' is a walk in the park compared to what she went through...And all at the hands of the organization that 'help people', remember.

(Also - My cousin was part of a 'peacekeeping force' , a long time ago - I can't tell you what he witnessed...Other evil shit, totally different country...But the same UN ).

'Describing it' is a walk in the park compared to what she went through...

Yes, it would be extremely traumatic

The so called prime minister of my country is a lying devious freemason/communist/traitor working for agenda 2030. He/she/it is a worthless maggot who deserves to be hung for treason.

NZ was in lockdown for much of last year - when I went out each day taking photos to record the historic scam, I did things like sneaking round the second largest hospital in NZ - how could I get away with that? - it was empty...

Everything on the news here is fake, just like everywhere else.

I don't know if you are a real account or not, but a huge number of the accounts commenting on this post are certainly fake.

Strangely enough after an entire year posting nothing but actifit posts and literal shit-posts about a water treatment plant, you have suddenly done a comment here longer than any of your posts. Odd... Not as odd as a lot of the other accounts commenting here, but... oh never mind, who cares...

I can't be arsed arguing with you, believe what you want to believe, there is no vaccine for stupidity.


I did things like sneaking round the second largest hospital in NZ - how could I get away with that? - it was empty...

Got any extraordinary evidence for that extraordinary claim?

I don't know if you are a real account or not, but a huge number of the accounts commenting on this post are certainly fake.

Oops, you got me! I'm actually the latest iteration of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. Specifically trained to respond to your comments: you're the centre of the Universe after all!

after an entire year posting nothing but actifit posts and literal shit-posts about a water treatment plant, you have suddenly done a comment here longer than any of your posts.

Is that a problem?

Evidence...would you like a stool sample?

It was pretty easy really, I had some fake documentation, but not a single person in that huge empty hospital said peep...the photos I took are pretty boring...empty corridors and shit


Doesn't matter how boring you think they are. How can you expect another person to believe what you're saying if you don't have or share any evidence? Is an individual supposed to just follow what you say blindly without thought and believe it totally?

Wake up from the lies sheeple! Follow my lies instead!

What bullshit? The existence of COVID-19, or the seriousness of it?

Yes, the fact that "covid-19" is entirely fake, and that as a disease it's not serious at all, but just an evil joke on humanity, are both things to research.

Also the lie that is germ theory, and the Agenda 2030 plan are both things worth exposing.

This post covers the history of medical lies very well:


And Agenda 2030 is no secret - they have a website explaining why they want to kill all the useless eaters:



Yes, the fact that "covid-19" is entirely fake, and that as a disease it's not serious at all

If you would say this in Hungary, you would probably earn a place in the prison for yourself, because denying the existence of the COVID-19 is a crime here.

But if the virus does not exists, then what are the "cases"? Why more and more countries are going on on lockdowns?
Why we have to wear masks? What are the thousands of (often young) people are dying to?

Because morons believe too much shit on TV...


What does the UN's sequel to the Millennium Development Goals have to do with the existence of Covid-19?

the lie that is germ theory

So what's your alternative theory, then? Miasma theory has been disproved since the late 1800s. By studies, but also by the fact of global civilization.

Somebody bought the MSM narrative and is now helping spread it......


The initiative will be only for people who live in India and have a story to share.

I recently did a post on my second vaccination, and I think, the situation is worst, because people here are not serious about following safety protocols and taking the approach of "Prevention is better than cure". Once they get it, they panic, which makes things worse. No country can build health infrastructure for such a massive population so fast. And it does not get any better, because of bad execution as well. I will put up a blog.

Thanks Dan, this is great opportunity for Indians to share their covid story and I will share mine soon.
Life is tough here these days and prevention is better than cure.

I think this is amazing. This inniciative is an excellent way to raise awareness about this issue, since I believe that the best way for others to understand something is to give other people the opportunity to share their stories, because it will only take a little bit of empathy to understand them and help by doing our part to fight this virus. In my country, Venezuela, the Covid-19 situation is very serious and people still do not understand how severe the matter is. God, it's abot global health, people are dying.

Thanks Dan for bringing this to the platform !

Hi there, @theycallmedan so scary hope they can contain this virus real soon it is really devastating to see on the news everyday.

Turn off the news and recover from your illness

Hi there @frot good idea I hate the news it's always a scandal.

Yes its all fake like the convid plandemic and most of the accounts commenting on this post...

Amazing 🔥🔥

I have written about the covid situation on various platforms. I would love to share my views on three speak, in a day Or two.
There is so much misreporting in the media I would certainly love to bring the story on the ground.

This is a great initiative you have bought in as the COVID-19 is really making mess in India. This is to let us all know the state of things and how the covid is troubling them over there. All thanks to you @theycallmedan for bringing this contest.

@madushanka Hop in.

Hey @valerianis, I can't participate this initiative because I'm living in Sri Lanka very nearest India.

Yeah and the people who recover from covid in India are getting black flesh eating disease complications I heard, it is scary!

I think what you are talking about is Black Fungus.
It has been declared an epidemic in many states of India.
Mostly affects COVID patients who were administered oxygen due to shortness of breath.

Excelente iniciativa. No vivo en la India pero todo lo que se pueda hacer para crear conciencia sobre este virus es excelente.
La India y Brasil son los dos países con mayor número de personas infectadas y muertas.
Ojalá la información llegue masivamente por todas las redes.

Así es querida, da mucho pesar ver cómo muere tanta gente a causa de este virus, recientemente a una amiga la diagnosticaron y me siento tan impotente, sólo la puedo ayudar con mis oraciones. Aquí en Venezuela la situación no es tan dramática como en la India y Brasil, pero, también nos vemos afectados porque conocemos a muchos de los afectados.

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This is great initiative for people staying in India, a good opportunity that shouldn't be missed.
I just wish this disease can be eradicated from India, I'm aware of how the disease keep on spreading, this is so sad thought.
I pray that may God heal their land.🙏

Our indian brothers and sister have gone through a really hard time in the most recent past. It is a thoughtful wise decision to make engage to relate the covid-19 experience. Thanks for this great initiative.
I call on all Indian fellas to ensure to participate in this.

I have read the black fungus disease, which is dangerious than coronavirus. Fortunately, it does not spread from human to human or animal to human. I wish the coronavirus cases in India would decrease and the country would get back to normal.

My neighbour country is India 🇮🇳. Many relatives and friends of mine live there. They are facing hard time during Covid and some of them are died already 😔😪. This was heartbreaking for me.Now my country is in the same risk. Only God knows what will happen in our next future? I Pray for India 🇮🇳🙏😢.

Maravillosa iniciativa, aunque vivo muy lejos de la India me concientizo con la situación que están viviendo y deseo profundamente que puedan salir muy pronto de esta enfermedad. Que Dios tenga misericordia.

Whatever can be done, the advice they can give is good to prevent the spread of the virus. In Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela there are also many cases, when you can do a search. Courage brothers from India.

En Latinoamérica la situación también es alarmante, no se lleva un control propio ni gubernamental, aunque lo parezca. Lamentablemente la cifra de contagios no disminuye, y otras más están en silencio.

I am a indian and last month I also had symptoms of corona but its not positive because i already take precautions of these kinds of diseases

Useful initiative.

Great initiative Dan!


Hello friends...How are you??
I hope you all are doing well and good 🤗.
Toda... https://peakd.com/mycovidstory/@anmolsingh3006/mycovidstory

i am not from india and i do not mean to downplay these restrictive conditions people are living under - but dan asked for spreading awareness so here it is.

people from india who can speak the english language please do consider this before making any rash decisions about your body and daily conduct. we have been had way too many times.

Thank you for this initiative @theycallmedan.

As someone who is tested positive, here is #MyCOVIDStory with details of infection, quarantine and recovery of this pandemic with even my family members also affected due to this.

While it's not over yet, there are silver linings in terms of recovery and also the # of cases and # of deaths getting reduced since the lockdown started in last week of April.

Links to the blog:

Hive: https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@coolguy123/mycovidstory-infected-quarantined-and-recovered-few-stats-about-covid-in-india

Twitter Share:

Thanks again and wishing a safe stay to all.

My Entry:

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Disgusting use of the Hive blockchain. Bill Gates & his accomplices already control every major Social Media platform, the newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, and so on. They've already spent hundreds of billions on this marketing campaign for their global control & depopulation shots.

We don't need it here too.

Bit out of left field on this post? But each to their own. I'm curious what you're talking about though

How many support the 100$ limit? FYI it's an opinion backed up by the power of your steak.

What's this?

We may have 25 more breaking off again

And this?

I ask only for information

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