Https And MyTrafficNetwork Part 2 of 3

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Your MTN Referral Pages WILL Be Seen!
(About Https, Part 2 of 3)

In a previous post, we discussed the challenges of displaying unsecure links on secure (https) websites:

But what about your MyTrafficNetwork referrals links?
Are they being seen when you advertise them on other ad platforms?

MTN has got you covered! :)

As mention before:
MyTrafficNetwork is a fully secure (https) website, and completely GDPR privacy compliant.
Web browsers trust us :)

All MTN affiliate links, splash pages, and banner urls are Https secure.

You CAN confidently advertise your MTN affiliate links anywhere, at any time!


This applies to ALL ad networks, even if it is an unsecure site.

A big difference here…
Https sites can be easily seen on both secure and unsecure networks,
Http sites can only accurately be display on other unsecure networks - not both!

*One important note:

Stop using link cloaking on your http links!
Please review this recent LeadsLeap article for more details:

I recommend using your MyTrafficNetwork affiliate links directly, with a tracking code at the end to track conversions.
This will tell you which traffic sources are working best :)

Simply add &t=Keyword to the end of the link, replacing Keyword with the code of your choice.
Here's an example:

You can view your results on the Affiliate Tools/Stats page in your MyTrafficNetwork back office.

**Quick Tip:
Rotate all MTN splashes pages with our Supersplash!
Replace username with yours.

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