Healing Silent Reflux/GERD and other chronic symptoms – My Healing Journey This Year

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Once again, I’m really excited to share my deep journey, this time about healing Silent Reflux/GERD and other chronic symptoms this year.

This article is transcribed from the attached video and contains the same information.

This year I’ve been on a big healing journey, with the most intense, ongoing physical symptoms of my life.

In fact, they have been the first significant symptoms that I’ve had to deal with since I started learning about Meta-Consciousness and German New Medicine in 2014.

It’s been very challenging at times, with a range of unpleasant and scary symptoms.

But it’s also been deeply rewarding.

I’ve been able to experience ongoing chronic healing cycles and the benefits of taking a multi-layered approach to my health, addressing physical, environmental, psychological, energetic and spiritual elements.

While I’ve been honoured to guide many people to heal a wide range of conditions, many of which are considered “incurable”, I’ve now lived it and can feel a deeper understanding and empathy with what they’ve been through.

I’m truly proud of what I’ve achieved in my own healing, along with the lessons I’ve learned on the way.

I can also say that the sense of elation and relief that I felt when I realised that my efforts had worked for me and I had healed was just incredible.

The three conditions that I have healed this year are:

Silent reflux and GERD
Breathing difficulties triggered by the reflux
The first symptom that I was conscious of was the long sightedness, which I noticed back in 2021. It was also the least challenging to heal.

I have already written and made a video about this, which you can see here – https://eftnow.co.uk/how-i-healed-my-eyesight-with-meta-consciousness-and-magic-mushrooms/

That healing was amazing for me as it really showed me how the insights from META-Analysis, prior to journeying with psychedelic medicines can be deeply valuable in a healing journey.

The other symptoms, the reflux and the breathing difficulties have been more challenging and felt much more serious to me.

As of now, I consider them to be at least 90% better than they were at their worst. While not 100% better, it feels absolutely life changing compared to where I was physically, mentally and emotionally just a few months ago.

Back in February and into March, I started to get a combination of symptoms that manifested as cycles of coughing fits, deep burping and constant throat clearing while making a “Gollum” like sound.

It felt like there was a constant uncomfortable lump in my throat and my breathing felt restricted. Often it was as if I could never get a truly satisfying breath.

At night, I would often wake up choking with a burning feeling in my throat and seemingly unable to breathe.

All of this was accompanied with a sense of dread, panic, helplessness and even fear for my life some times.

At times, I had a sense of self-doubt and questioning whether it was possible for me to get better. I was thinking that this was how it would be for me from now on and sometimes had thoughts of my breathing quickly declining and even an early grave!

Previously, a client with silent reflux told me how it often left him fearing for his life and now, having experienced it for myself, I really got what he meant!

Fortunately, I was able to use EFT tapping to ease the difficult thoughts and feelings and get into the space of accepting what was going on and trusting that I’d be safe.

Sometimes this was very effective.

At others, it was about having a focus to be present with the difficult thoughts and feelings I experienced.

The emotional themes for these symptoms are:

Silent reflux/GERD – Territorial Anger (relating to anger or disputes in areas that you consider to be your territory)

Breathing difficulties – Territorial fear and also death fright

Shortly after the symptoms had commenced and before I’d really looked into them from the Meta-Perspective, I was invited to take part in a San Pedro (psychedelic plant medicine) Ceremony.

Encouraged by the results that I’d recently had on my eyesight with the mushrooms, I chose to attend, with the intention of healing and insights into my lungs.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened at all…

About 2 hours into the journey, I started feeling significant distress, feeling like I wasn’t breathing deeply enough and getting into a state of panic.

While part of me knew that I was, in fact, safe and was getting enough oxygen, my fearful ego was telling me that I might die, while in an altered state, unable to do anything about it.

Looking back at it afterwards, I could see that this was helping me to face the fear of death that had been plaguing me.

At one point a few hours in, I went into a heavy coughing fit, which felt like I was purging what I can only describe as energetic mucous from my lungs.

I started to feel better after this and after a few hours, the fear had subsided and I was able to join the rest of the circle and enjoy the music, chanting and singing that was going on, before we all witnessed a beautiful TOTAL eclipse of the moon.

Truly humbled by the entire event, I felt afterwards that the symptoms had subsided by about half in the following days.

San Pedro is known as the grandfather medicine and has a firm, but kind energy, often giving practical advice. In this case, I was inspired to take up running as exercise.

Initially I was running less than a kilometre and feeling exhausted and out of breath. It’s very hilly where I live, so challenging for running.

But I kept the habit up and built up to about 8km run every other day, going from dreading running to absolutely loving it.

Building this habit was awesome for my self-esteem and physically I was getting into really good shape.

The death fright was largely resolved, as it was clear to me that I wasn’t in any danger from lack of oxygen, as I was able to run these distances without getting too out of breath.

But, the symptoms still existed and I was especially aware of the reflux symptoms now.

So, I focused more on the territorial conflicts – thinking about what this was meaning for me at the time.

I couldn’t pinpoint a specific area, so I decided to really become aware of all of the areas that I felt anger, especially where I was suppressing it.

Over a few weeks, I realised that there were lots of little ways that I was shutting myself down and “swallowing” anger. Individually, they didn’t seem significant, but combined, they had led to my feeling depressed and resentful.

So, what to do about it?

I made a decision to start expressing all of the things that I had been telling myself were petty or not worth making a fuss about, especially with my closest loved ones.

I had been rationalising not doing this as not wanting to upset them. However, with the awareness that it might be causing me discomfort and ongoing symptoms, I choose to do something different.

And, the great thing about it was that, rather than getting upset by my expressing myself, most of the time, I was heard and it led to things improving.

I’m not going to talk about the precise issues in here, as they involve my closest family and loved ones.

However, they are mainly the cliched differences that you might have between couples, close family members etc. Things that might leave you feeling deflated and a bit resentful, but not necessarily that you’d want to make a fuss about.

But I found that I was able to express them positively and it worked well for us all.

I realised over time that I’d fallen quite deep into this pattern of self-suppression over the last year, as my wife had been going through a very profound healing process involving burnout and extreme fatigue.

This meant that I’d had to put a lot of my needs on the back burner to support her while she healed at the same time as looking after the children and keeping my business going.

Of course, it was worth it and I’m happy to say that she is now feeling great about life and has really stepped up into her creativity and living with more alignment. I hope that she and I will be able to share her healing journey soon as well, as it was really amazing.

But, this of course had a stressful impact on me and so, it’s not surprising that I developed symptoms during and after this time.

While I had decided to start expressing myself, my boundaries and needs more fully, this was definitely a work in progress and remembering to do it and turn it into a habit took some time.

Gradually it became easier.

I also used EFT tapping to release the anger and sadness that was underneath it around feeling unable to express my needs and boundaries.

Also, at times that the symptoms felt worse, I used tapping while reminding myself that my body was going though a range of intelligent healing processes, enabling me to surrender more fully to them.

Healing isn’t a straight process of course and there were many times that I felt frustrated and that things weren’t working for me. Sometimes, I would just try to power on and ignore it, fed up with it all and just wanting to get on with my life.

Eventually, I would be reminded to trust in and surrender to the intelligence of my body and it’s biological responses, so that I could see the symptoms not as something that has gone wrong to fix, but as intelligent adaptations and healing processes that required my attention and participation.

Around a month ago, I was just going about my day, when I realised that both my breathing and my throat felt really clear for the first time in about 6 months.

This was the moment when it hit me that things had changed and my healing process had completed.

Or so I thought at the time.

A few weeks ago, while I was in Portugal I actually recorded a video on this subject about how I had healed myself.

And then the next day, I developed cold symptoms.

That night, at about 3am, I woke up with an incredibly dry throat and had a drink of water.

I freaked out when it didn’t affect the dryness at all and I realised it was in my windpipe, not my oesophagus!

I couldn’t sleep and had to sit up doing EFT while watching Netflix until I eventually crashed out for a couple of hours on the sofa. Once again, I was experiencing the full range of dry coughing and “Golluming” in a constant loop.

Fortunately, my feeling of “dry lung” did soften and start to feel wetter again.

For the next few days, I had a deep hacking cough, which didn’t feel like one I’d had before. It was extremely dry, but some thick white mucous was slowly coming out. I also had a weird feeling of my lungs opening up and being able to breathe deeper than I had for months.

It was really strange, but felt good somehow and was clear that I was healing.

Interestingly, I was given a pint of raw goats milk by a neighbour a couple of weeks before, which was incredibly delicious. It also could have helped to re-populate my body with the bacteria required for my lungs to complete their healing cycle.

This might sound weird to you, but the much maligned microbes are an important part of your healing process and without the right ones available, you may not heal as effectively. Dr Hamer pointed out that raw milk could provide these bacteria that are often missing from our bodies.

From the Meta perspective, this part of the healing cycle is the second stage of the restoration phase, where the body is clearing symptoms and any

Earlier this week , I went for a run for the first time in about 3 weeks, as I had hurt my leg and been waiting for it to heal. That’s a resolution to a self-devaluation conflict of some kind – most likely related to my feeling better about myself an my “sporting ability” due to the improvement in running.

Although I took it easy, distance wise, treating my leg gently, I was delighted with my breathing and didn’t get out of breath at all.

A couple of days later I went again and was back up to about 5kms with the best breathing I’ve had since this all began.

Also, I haven’t had any acid reflux, sore throat, golluming etc for several weeks now and I really feel that I’ve completed the healing.

The next thing I’m doing is a series of breathwork sessions with an Oxygen Advantage coach, which came up as an opportunity, so I thought I’d take it to build vitality and further strengthen my breathing.

I’m really looking forward to it, even though my breath is much stronger than it was when I signed up for it about a month ago.

I hope that this shows that healing is a journey, not a quick fix. Yes it can be challenging and take some time, but it is really worth it. I’ve gained so much more than just feeling better.

While I already believed that I could trust my body to heal itself and had seen this happen for many clients, I’ve now truly experienced it for myself.

For sure, there are parts that I’ve forgotten to include, but I hope that this shows you some of the incredible healing power that we all have when we learn to listen to our bodies and understand what they are telling us.

If you are ready to heal your physical or psychological symptoms and would like my guidance, you can book a call with me at https://calendly.com/sam-neffendorf/discover-mh


Fascinating, I think I need to rewatch the video to completely understand it. Take care.