My Interview on Fertility and Pregnancy Loss – From the Male Perspective

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Last week, I was invited to share my fertility story and the impact of two pregnancy losses that my wife and I experienced during our journey to have a family.

It was a beautiful experience to share this with Wildflower, who is a specialist at supporting women to find peace after pregnancy loss.

During the interview, we talked about:

• How I was diagnosed as medically infertile in 2010 and the healing journey that I went on after that (now having two naturally conceived and home-birthed children)
• The two pregnancy losses that we experienced during our time trying to have children and how tapping techniques helped us both emotionally and physically
• Turning a breach baby at 36 weeks pregnancy using tapping techniques, visualisation and connecting with the baby

And much more.

There’s a lot of positive information and insight in here for anyone on a fertility journey, or dealing with a pregnancy loss. Please feel free to share with anyone that could benefit from this.

With love


You can also find Wildflower at


Thanks for sharing Sam. Empowering story hearing your success healing from infertility through EFT tapping. Hope you have been doing well through this plandemic.

Cheers fella! Yes we are continuing to thrive through these wild times. I hope that you and your family are as well x

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