"Steemian Forest Care"

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Hallo steemian ..
After a long time I did not appear in the tranding post now with the spirit that lights up again, I greet all steemit friends. maybe before this was probably the right greeting.
This is equated with a very short poem that I often hear in the community of "Lagee deuh buleun", (Acehnese) like the arrival of a full moon in Indonesian. this is interpreted by someone who is already known but his public humiliation is very rare, like a full moon that appears once a month, feels very beautiful with bright light. but if the weather turns cloudy, the wait must be delayed for another month ...

I think this is the perfect statement for me for the full moon, but I am not that, just a metaphor for me that rarely appears on the homepage of writing.
Late tonight I want to display a one small post.


When I saw this little banner, I immediately sent one of the visitors of Sala-Aceh mountain resort to take this photo even though it was just a piece of paper.
This is a journey of a community that cares not only in a post, but in its entirety creeps into real life. for me personally this is a strong concern for Steemian.
Maybe it's just a piece and I think though only this but it feels very satisfied. for me may have its own sensation that makes me want to pose with banners that have high enthusiasm.

Thanks. hopefully everything amused.


Good environmental venture brother , makasi

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You are welcome brother.