Last few weeks around here

in #nature2 years ago (edited)

Hey, Steemit friends!
I just want to say Hi!
I am still alive and still here :)
I don't hike at all these days and this is the main reason why I am not posting. I hope this won't continue for too long.
Still the mountain is in front of me and I don't miss a day to admire its fascination :)
I continue to walk around almost always with a small camera in my pocket always searching for some winter beauty.
Hope you are all great!








Hello Friend. I was surprised that you no longer publish so often. Take care. Blessings.

Thank you very much, @blessed-girl!

Awesome photos! I'm glad you're publishing again. I look forward to your interesting travels.

Thank you very much @madlenfox! Great to hear from you as always :)

Hi @damielapetk I am glad you didn't forget about steemit. As always your photos are stunning and a pleasure. Good luck and I hope to see more of your adventures :)

I am glad you are still here too, @enosh :) thank you very much!

nice, winter can be so beautiful. So many birds on one tree, also very interesting.