Beautiful Flowers in our Hearts

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Looking at beautiful flowers always makes me feel better. That's why I love to take their pictures and share them. Here are some flower pictures for you, my friends.












Thanks so much for your time.
Have a beautiful day, my friends.



these flowers are so different and each of them has something beautiful

Yes, people at the botanical garden did a good job 😊.

Wow! Beautiful caputer .. lovely collection

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. 😊

Fantastic colours and beautiful flowers to energise my spirit! Thank you very much @dewdrop! These photos are very good for the mind and soul! They are like vitamins!

I have to come to your blog for the vitamin supplement of colourful flowers and energy!

Aww... I love you!

Have a nice evening and a great weekend!

Will be looking at your flowers from time to time!

So happy you like them. Have a great weekend too, my dear :)

Beautiful flowers! :)

Thanks 😊!

Phenomenal hues and lovely blossoms to energies my soul! Much thanks @dewdrop!

You're welcome! Thanks 😊!


Gorgeous, so nice to see right now! Outside, all I can see is blustering snow

Thanks! Right, and it's too cold too.

Very nice with a reminder of this summer, thank you dew:)

Thanks my friend! You're very welcome 😊.

So beautiful. Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers with us. Love it.
Following to see more of your great posts which I really enjoy.

Thanks so much for enjoying them Joanna. You're very welcome 😊.

Your pictures bring cheer on and overcast day.

Good morning Mike! That's great! Yeah, I'm still thinking about going out or no today 🤔. The sky doesn't look so good.

Absolutely beautiful pictures dewdrop :)

Aww... Thanks my friend 😊!

You are very welcome friend :)!

Very beautiful flowers, i love it.

Aww... Thanks 😊!

Absolutely gorgeous and the weather is beautiful and seems to be warm or even hot. Are those flowers from your garden?

WOW! you are lucky, over here is Scotland we still have some flowers but they are just very tough one that could survive this cold temperature

It's getting cold here too. I'm trying to go out more before winter. They did a good job at the botanical garden :D.

Hi Stef! Thanks! The outdoor flowers were from the botanical garden I went last week :).

They look good dew!

Hi there! Thanks 😉!

Very beautiful!

Thanks Kayoko :)


Thanks :D!

beautiful flowers

Thanks 😊!

Thanks for bringing sunshine and a smile

Aww... Thanks for enjoying them 😊

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