Spending Time In Nature. How To Be Present And Happy

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It's been talked about by spiritual yogis and modern self help authors alike. Taking time out of our busy routines to breath deep and notice the subtle beauty that surrounds us every day is key to living a contented life.



I find the easiest time to do this is while I'm walking amongst nature. Not only is beauty everywhere in the organic world but there is no rush. Plants are not in a hurry to grow, they have all the time in the world and so do we. I find I can activate all of my senses from smelling the warm air to feeling the plants around me and staying present to the gems of colour found throughout the green.




My days exploring nature are like that of a dream. Often I am without phone reception or distraction and it gets me out of my head and into my body. If you find it difficult to switch your brain off I highly recommend getting outside, leaving your phone behind and simply walking in a secluded place with nothing but the plants by your side.


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Very nice post 👌

Cheers mate glad you enjoyed it thanks for stopping by!

Oh Harry I could not agree more! A beautifully written piece that vibrates with my soul deeply. Your stunning photos reflect the depth of your emotion perfectly. Blessings to you from the jungle 🌴🌈💛🦋❤️

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