A dragonfly

in #nature6 years ago

9th of July 2017 08:50 am. My parents, my little sister and I were ready for our Hike from Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise in Sweden. Our backpacks were packed and our shoes tied. The weather was like we had wished for. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was not too warm. It was the perfect hiking weather.

Only a few minutes into our 7 hours trip, I stumbled half asleep over this little creature (it was still pretty early). I thought it could be hard to get a picture of it before it would fly away, but it seemed like it was enjoying the paparazzi, and it turned out to bee pretty photogenic. When the time came to where we had to go each our direction, I was grateful that this dragonfly took some time to modell for me before it had to fly away.


Wow, the detail in this is just beautiful.

Yes, the nature has a lot of beauty in it and some amazing details.

Impressive picture! Love how you presented a story with it!

Thank you so much!

So beautiful, looks like a piece jewelry, well done ida:)

Thank you! I agree, with all its details it sure looks like a piece of jewelry.

Good photo Ida :D Thank you for this little story :D

Thank you Helle! :)

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Beautiful dragonfly, you were lucky to capture it, normally they are very fast, I love those with metallic blue or green colored body

Yes they are very fast. I was surprised it did not fly away once I got near it.