Slowly the river flows.

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A little sunshine on the riverbanks.

Pictures from an afternoon by the river with the sun low over the horizon. The dark time of the year approaching fast now. Bot we have still some weeks wit sunshine witch coloring the nature nice.


the river disappearing in dens mountain forest.




more open landscape. A nice place for fishing, If you are lucky you catch trouts with a weight more than one kilos.



One day in the fall.



So calm and beautiful!! :)

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!BEER, absolutely beautiful place, I love the calm placid water reflection shots.

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Beautiful photography.

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Hey @karja, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

So beautiful! I love the reflections on the water. Fall is so photogenic when it's sunny.

Thanks so much @goat-girlz for pleasant comment.

Slope of the hill and its reflection at first 2 shots forms a huge "arrow". Cool effect! And the last one with a boat has a romantic mood :)

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My pleasure :) I really enjoyed your pictures

Very nice view

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