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A lot of snow.

Over the last few days there have been large amounts of snow, much more than normal for the season.
There has also been a lot of wind that has collected the snow in large piles, some of them almost two meters high.
Today the temperature is 7 degreeC and it is raining, hopefully most of the snow will disappear.

Some snowy pictures from my yard.






A winter day in the north:



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Wow. So much snow .
And we do not see this in winter. Excellent photos.

Thanks @singa for comment.

Wow! That is a whole lot of snow! It's beautiful, but I can imagine it makes it hard to get to work.

Thanks @goat-girlz for commenting , yes you are right , troublesome snow , cleaning snow is not my favorite job.

Now you have a frosted gingerbread house.

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Thanks very much @sketch.and.jam for comment. Yes you are right
with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top-

I want winter like that!
And I can shove the snow if needed.

The last shot is really cool!

Thanks so much @ewkaw for pleasant comment.

Amigo @karja como me encantaria poder algun dia disfrutar un paisaje tan maravilloso como ese de verdad debe ser una experiencia única. Saludos desde Venezuela

No creo que te guste el frío norte, ni creo que valga la pena visitar este lugar, no, desafortunadamente :)

A veces puedes visitar el frío norte. El invierno es muy frío y ansioso por mí. Gracias Francis por tu agradable comentario.

It gets cold here in Alaska and a lot of snow also, we had our first semi big snow on Sunday/Monday, (big being the driveway needed plowing). One of the nice things though where I live in Alaska is that we don't generally get a lot of wind during the snowfall, so very little drifting of the snow. The winds come after the Snow in Jan and Feb, then we can get some drifting, but generally not much at all. I think we are fortunate in that we very rarely have both snow and wind at the same time.

Thanks @bashadow for pleasant comment. Maybe you live Moore innland with Moore stabile vinter weather? Anyway the winter is cold dark and long enough.

Beautiful winter

The last photo is very interesting. wet snow all stuck.

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thanks for comment @apningrich, yes the wind blows the snow every were.

Still looking too cold for me!!

Thanks @kaminchan for commenting. For me also, the winter is to long and dark. It happens we travel south to warmer countries for a few weeks during the worst winter season

Gosh! It’s really white everywhere!! Freezing cold for me! You could ski around your house!

Yes, no problem with the skiing.
worse with all the snow cleaning , boring and wasted work.

WOW! I thought it was nasty weather here in Michigan!!! Yikes that is a lot of snow. I missed the post but will vote your comment :)

Thanks @old-guy-photos for comment .

Feliz noche,esta alejado de steemit,saludos desde venezuels

I can't imagine such freezing weather @karja

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