A hint of summer

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If you are from Norway or ever visited you probably know that the best small talk subject is to talk about the weather. Everyone loves talking about the weather. I usually check the weather forecast at the very least once a day to see if we have any warm weather coming up.


Last week, in the middle of preparing for one of my exams, the weather in Tromsø was absolutely amazing. Amazing for Norwegian weather at least... We had 20 degrees celcius and it was sunny all day long. Along with my fellow students we took the day off and spent the day by the ocean instead. Lets hope that this one sunny day was not all we get to see of the summer in Norway this year.

All of Tromsøs inhabitants gathered by the ocean this day

Made some burgers together with this lovely seagull

I absolutely love to swim in the ocean and any lake I can find on my hiking trips. Well, I do not actually swim much in Norway, because the water is usually really cold. What I do is, I jump into the water and then get right back up again. Trust me it is incredibly refreshing, and at the same time you give your body and immune system an extreme shock! I (of course) had to jump in several times when we got a hint of summer!

This is where I just had to jump in the water

IMG_4102 2.jpg
I did not get a picture of myself in the water the sunny day... So I will use this picture taken yesterday as proof that I actually went into the water. It was below 8 degrees in the air yesterday. My friend who took the picture had on a winter coat while I just had to put on my bikini.

You can probably not tell since I am as pale as a Norwegian can get... But, I got some freckles and a vague hint of a tan this summer day.

10/10 would recommend (or just me) to go for a "swim" in the cold water. If you ever get the chance to jump in to the Norwegian water, I dear you!

Best regards


when i lived in Germany it was the same thing-here in LA is th4 endless summer-no need to check the weather-the weather simply is fine-dare you for some cold ocean here as well

I accept the challenge! I have LA on my bucketlist and am planning to visit as soon as I have the money, and find time between my studies. It sounds so nice to have nice weather all the time. I lived i Michigan for a year, and I found the weather there in the spring, summer and fall to be amazing! It was much warmer there than here at least, but the winter there was freezing and even colder than here. uups, a tiny digression, I bet Michigan is nothing like LA.

LA is never below 0 degrees,has never snow and has 345 sunny days a year and on average 9 days of rain a year-it is desert climate,today was one of the very rare overcast days a year that we actually enjoy here since we have sun all the time-so i went to the beach and made a few pics for you:

Love the pictures! So much fun to see what it is like where you live! Did you go for a swim? Wish we could borrow a few of your sunny days...

always need to get refreshed from that amazing ocean-no way to keep me out of it no matter what time of the year-sending some sun rays your way

Sounds amazing. Thank you! It got sunny today thanks to you:)

hahahahah-well no weatherman here but it seems toi me the way you write you have the sun in your heart so for you there is never really bad weather-thank you for you very valuable time and great spirit

Great post, you are very brave to jump in the ocean now :D Looks a bit too refreshing for my taste

Thank you! It is so much fun! If you come to Narvik this summer I will drag you along:) thank you for your vote❤️

Haha the water must be at least 20 degrees before I jump in :D I'm happy to support your great blog dear cousin <3

You are so kind dear Camilla<3

You crazy, Girl! its freezing in the ocean up here!

Hahah, like I said, it is refreshing:) Where are you from?

sør/vestlandet, og ja, sjøen er iskald, ikke forfriskende. en iskald cola kan være forfriskende i varmen, men ikke den kalde sjøen der :p

Hahah, hver sin smak...

Great pictures and nice contrast between people in swimming suit on beach and snow covered peaks. I can understand that it might be very refreshing to get into water it is a North sea and it is normally cold even in warm summer. I bet many people enjoyed grilling on weekend.

Great pictures Maja, was nice to learn more about Norway and you, @Stef1

Thank you so much! Another contrast that pops up in the north around spring time is peoples clothing. You can find people in shorts and t-shirts and other people in a thick winter coats, haha.. You are right about everything you say here!:) thank you for your kind comment

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