Todays walk

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"Fjellheisen" is one of Tromsø´s most popular attractions. Fjellheisen is a lift that takes you up 421 meters above sea level. This lift, or cable cars, is a typical tourist attraction. It is perfect if you do not want to get sweaty and still get an amazing view of Tromsø. If you on the other hand want to get a view and also get sweaty you are welcome to walk up instead of taking the cable cars. This is what I did today and I want to share some pictures with you from the walk.

Picture taken when walking up

The view from the top


Ishavskatedralen in the foreground and fjellheisen to the right in the background



Truly spectacular view! You must all be super fit in Norway, from all that hiking. A very healthy way to live.

Hahah, that’s a funny thought!:) Reality is that not everyone likes to hike... some of my friends don’t enjoy it at all, and that’s totally fine. There are several ways to be active, the key is to find something that’s enjoyable! And truth is that I also absolutely LOVE to be lazy and watch Netflix, hahah

Hahaha, yes I like both as well.

Sporty girl :-)

Absolutely stunning, I believe many people prefer to walk, so that you enjoy the nature but also to do fitness on fresh air rather to sweat in fitness room :) Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs from your home place.
Cheers, @Stef1

Yes!it is really nice and much more preferable than the gym :) glad you like the pictures!