Took a break from (stu)dying

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Last weekend my study partners and I felt like running away from our school books for a little while. We drove out of the city of Tromsø to Kvaløya. We brought our backpacks filled with something hot to drink and something tasty to chew on. The first walk started late at night on Saturday, and it was so nice that some of us decided to get up early the next morning for a new hike. I do not regret leaving my books for a while...

Saturday hike late at night




Sunday hike early in the morning






amazing nature-thanks so much for sharing such a great adventure-wish you many more of such fantastic days

Really fun to share when it is appreciated! Thank you!

am sure you will be doing very well on this platform-seems you already naturally attract people who are up voting generously-so not only can it be fun but hopefully it will turn out for you to also be a fun little investment that repays you for your kindnesses

What are you doing? Go straight back to the University and study... :D Listen to you father ;-)

hahah, I won't take your advice this time... A hike a day keeps the doctor away

Wild landscape! The university I studied at has a partnership with University of Tromsø through the program called UArctic. The Arctic is so cool!

Does it really? I will have to check that out! Are you from Canada? Did you study in Canada too? My program has a partnership with a school in Canada. I am planning to do an exchange after Christmas, maybe I can go to the same school as you did:)

Yes! I was studying at Memorial University, far from any big cities (furthest red dot to the right). It'll be a hard decision, there are so many interesting places you could study 🤔

The only problem with that university is that it's on an island in the Atlantic. To go anywhere else in Canada you have to fly.


Wow, yes that is far away from everythink! I will look up your university! How did you like it there?

It is a hard decision, right now I am leaning against going to the Netherlands. Canada would be an amazing choice too! I stayed one year in the US in high school, so that is why I am thinking a country in Europe next year.

It was nice. I only studied there 1 year.

Netherlands looks nice. I went to Europe once, a technology conference in Amsterdam for 1 week. It was fun, lots of bikes and a funny language 😊

If you consider Canada, Montreal is the best city for students.

Thank you for your help! It helps a lot with a different perspective on things! Norway is in Europe, but I want to experience more of it, hahah. There is nothing like exploring a culture while actually living in the country, being a tourist is so different.. I wonder what you would think of the Norwegian language

I will take a closer look at schools in Montreal!!

Looks like such a healthy lifestyle over there, with all that hiking and fresh air. I'm sure you were able to get back to your studying with renewed vigour.

It is quite alright! I like to think that fresh air help me perform in school;))

Looks like a wonderful hike! :D beautiful pictures :)

It really was! Thank you:)

Haha studying sure feels like dying at times :D I'm sure this hiking trip will only improve your grades

Hahah, it does... but it sure helps to take a break! And I hope you are right, because I always think the same thing. It’s woring out fine so far:)