The beauty of the beach Lampuuk Aceh (Indonesia)

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Good evening to all friends steemit, hopefully on this night's occasion all in good health and always headed for more success in working in steemit. On this occasion I will share about the beauty of Lampuuk Beach located in Aceh (Indonesia). For those of you who like the beauty of the beach, not one if vacation to the beach Lampuuk along with your family.


The beach is located in Meunasah Masjid Village, Lhoknga, Aceh Besar District, Aceh, located on the Banda Aceh Calang or Aceh Jaya lane or about 20 kilometers from the city of Banda Aceh. Access to get to this tourist area is quite difficult. The only way to get to this location is to use a private vehicle, because there is no public transport around this location to this beach resort. Do not worry for the road to the location is pretty good

The location of this beach was once one of the worst victims of the devastating impact of the 2004 Tsunami. Therefore, various facilities in this location is badly damaged. But do not worry that the beach location that directly faces the Indian Ocean has undergone rehabilitation both facilities and infrastructure.


Lampuuk Beach is one of the mainstay tourist destinations in Nanggro Aceh Darussalam (NAD) especially Banda Aceh. In this coastal area there is a coastline that has a length of about 5 kilometers and forms a small bay which is quite beautiful and unique. This beach is wrapped with the beauty of clean and soft white sand, sea water which has a turquoise color and big waves that roll up adds a panoramic view of beauty that is perfect.


A stretch of pine trees that are so lush makes the atmosphere cool, and the rows of mountains that turn green into a natural background that can catch the eye. At this location, visitors not only can enjoy the natural beauty presented by this beach, visitors can also channel their talents and surfing hobbies. Most visitors come to this location one of them to try out the big waves at Lampuuk Beach this. The waves on this beach has indeed been great but still friendly to the surfers. So do not be surprised if the residents around and the visitors dub this location as' Kuta'nya Aceh.


This tourist area there are also 4 entrances that lined from south to north. The four entrances also have names in accordance with the order, namely Babah Satu, Babah Dua, Babah Tiga, and Babah Empat. For local visitors will usually pass the entrance one and two or Babah One and Two, while for foreign visitors will usually enter the entrance to Babah Tiga, this entrance is usually also for those who want to surf.

Not only that, there is also a Banana boat and other water sports at this location that is served for visitors while enjoying the beauty of nature. There is also a Seulah golf course which features a rolling backdrop of rolling waves. A very beautiful panorama will be felt more during the afternoon where the sun begins to set will provide unforgettable beauty.


Not only presents beach games that are very exciting, in this location there are also quite a number of stalls offering various types of food to fill the stomach that starts singing. But most of the food offered is seafood. There are various types of fish such as groupers, rambe fish, shrimp, squid and many other types of food. Not to forget the visitors must pay attention to the prices of these foods, because maybe the price offered will vary.


For visitors who want to enjoy the beauty or the atmosphere of the night on this beach also do not worry. Because in this beach area has also been provided lodging. This lodging place is at the end of the beach and is quite unique. this lodging area on the cliff makes the scenery look very beautiful. Besides that, right below the inn is a bungalow in the middle of a small lagoon. From a distance this place is not so visible, but if visitors approach the cliff area will be seen an inn called Joel's Bungalow.


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