The charm of the beauty of the freshwater lake Aceh (Indonesia)

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Good evening to all steemit friends. Hopefully on this evening's occasion all in good health and always headed for more success in working in steemit. In Aceh there is also a very large lake, it can be said this lake is the largest lake in Aceh Province. This lake is already quite well known among the people of Indonesia and Abroad. The name of this lake is Lake Laut Tawar.


Lake Laut Tawar is located in Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh District, Aceh Province. On the west side of this lake is the town of Takengon, which is also the capital of Central Aceh district. The lake has an area of ​​about 5,472 hectares with a length of 17 km and a width of 3,219 km. Gayo tribe who inhabit the area called this lake as the Lake Laut Tawar.


Why is this lake named with the fresh sea? according to various information available, Lake Laut Tawar is called by the name of the Sea because the waters of this lake is very wide as the sea is covered with the island. Kalo Tawar, already explained because the water in this lake is fresh water. Freshwater Lake is vital because apart from being a tourist place that is often visited by tourists both domestic and foreign, is also used as a source of water for Central Aceh District and several other districts in the vicinity.


This tourist attraction became one of the pride of the people of Aceh because this lake is the largest in the province of Aceh. In this place there is also a species of fish that is only found in Lake Laut Tawar local people call the name of the fish is Fish Depik, the shape is almost like anchovy, scaly white, with the size of a finger.


Interestingly this fish also has a story that has been passed down to the local community, which is said depik derived from grain of rice that was thrown into the lake in ancient times. It will surface on certain seasons, especially during the rainy season. Before the season arrives, the hordes of depikes hide in the south of the lake, at the foot of Mount Bur Kelieten. Depik is a gift of God to the Gayo community, though it is constantly consumed, it never ends.


Panorama around Lake Laut Tawar flanked by two hills this presents its own beauty for those who visit this place. Here are also often used as a place of various festivals and also various activities such as cycling competitions, art performances, photo exhibitions, boat races, marathon races. At this location the tourists can also see the activities of everyday society that is farming and fishing.

An activity that has become part of the daily life of people around the lake. Main commodities grown in the Gayo highlands are among others Gayo coffee (coffee arabica) which is very famous in Japan, potatoes, passion fruit, tomatoes, chili, corn, and other vegetables. The most famous plantation commodities are Gayo tangerine and avocado.


if you want to Takengon preferably through Bireun City because there is a small terminal where special elf transport to Takengon. Travel duration is approximately 5 hours. Apart from Bireun, an alternative road to Takengon can also be reached via Blang Kejeren and Kutacane. To travel to tourist attractions Lake Laut Tawar does not apply the price of admission alias free. The Lake Laut Tawar is also equipped with various facilities, such as lodging places for tourists who want to spend the night around the lake, then there are also boats that are ready to be hired to take the tourists to surround the lake.


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