Patience is a Virtue

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Start by making plans

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Hello steemiteers, today I want to take the time to discuss how the 5 P’s allowed me to accomplish a goal in a matter of months once I put action in the plan. What are the 5 P’s? I’m glad you asked; Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.
So my wife and I enjoy fishing on a weekly basis and we do pretty good fishing from the banks and piers at the various lake. While fishing from land is nice and relaxing, you’re limited on the areas you can reach. That’s when the desire to own a boat came into play.

One day back in March while fishing at Sweet Waters reservoir, I decided to rent a Jon boat for a few hours. While the idea was great, once my brother and I got out on the water with paddles, I quickly realized that rowing was even harder when the water got choppy. After being out there for an hour mainly paddling instead of fishing I decided to return the rental boat and fished from the dock.

It was on after that.......

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On the way home that night, all I talked about was how I needed a boat as well as a trolling motor because I wasn’t rowing unless needed. I began doing my homework pricing different small boats and motors with the determination to getting one soon. A lot of discipline and planning was needed so that I didn’t just jump on the first thing I saw.
I started by setting my budget at $1000 max for a good used job boat. Something that was perfect for the small lakes I frequently visit was also a factor in the purchasing decision. I came across a few good deals such as the boat in the above picture,which was for sell through an associate for $600. I was almost sold on it until a buddy of mine recommended I try searching the app Letgo.

Boy I’m happy I took his advice.....


I found this beauty above and immediately contacted the seller. It was the complete package deal: a 14ft Jon boat with the trailer, a 28lb thrust minn kota trolling motor and a battery for $500. I’m always looking to renegotiate prices when purchasing things second hand and made the offer of $400 for everything and he gladly accepted it.

The next task was finding the time to go purchase the boat granted I work 12 hours driving a tow truck, so my hours made it impossible to do business during the day. Until one day at work I got a relay call going to Athens and decided it was the perfect time to swing by on the way back to the yard and purchase the boat.

Gone fishing..............


To conclude, with perfect timing and patience I was able to get the boat I desired in a matter of months simply by executing my plan. Ive added a Lowrance Hook 5 sonar/gps system which I found on Letgo as well for $100. The seller had it listed at $200. Picked up a 40lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor for $60 off craigslist, which retails for $200 brand new. All in all I’ve been able to get some amazing deals and slowly putting it all together for some awesome fishing adventures with the family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you enjoyed reading it, upvote and share with others. Below are more photos of my family and friends out on the boat with me.



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