Dear Mother Nature...

in #naturelast year

Save me with your beauty

Heal me with your strength

Touch me with the wind

Comfort me with your clouds

Inspire me with your mountains

Move me with your earthquakes

Empower me with your hurricanes

Cleans me with your rain

Speak to me with your thunder

Strengthen me with your forests

Kiss me with your oceans

Guide me with your rivers



Mother nature, the true mother to us all. She provides all to us, so long as we do not mistreat her. Gorgeous, Taryn. <3

Very nice.

REAL Engagement over the fake algorithmically controlled conversations on MK-Ultra platforms...
THAT’s what THIS is all about! ✌️😎🥓👍


you two talk a lot nicer than my twins do when they're playing PS4 together. It's like fight club in their room when they play COD. I have to really watch that before they start finger gunning shit down in my house. Ya'll rock. And I'd imagine that vid was really bad ass. Too bad I missed it.

Fight Club IS the correct reference... But it's more like HIGH School RN.
Gotta get all the students together and ring the bell. Class ISS starting.

Here's the Vid you missed...

Sweet!! My dad is doing something magical with them right now so he got to go to the manned flight launch and the kids got to go over for the Mars Rover launch at the end of July. My youngest is on the robotics team at his school and he got to geek out with the one of the guys who will “drive” the rover on mars.

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That's really beautiful. Thank you so much Taryn.