Sell or Keep?

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I noticed today that my Alpha Alric Summoner has an extimated value of $9000. I can't remember what it cost me to max the card but I'm pretty sure it was less than $100 over 3 years ago.


If I sold him, even for half the estimated value I could still buy a maxed beta version and have money left over ready for when the Chaos Legion packs come out or I could not buy a replacement at all and just rent a maxed Alric for about 200 DEC a day with a reasonable chance that the rental price could drop when the Chaos Legion cards come out and Alpha and Beta cards will not be playable in the modern league.

Another thing I think about is that when lands come out and monsters can be used to work the lands it will be the collection or DEC value of the cards that will determine how useful it is rather than the extimated market value so my 10,000 DEC Alric doesn't seem so useful.

The bigget selling point of the card of course is the fact that it's an Alpha and there are some serious collectors out there but will the prices go higher or is the time to sell now?

Aside from having more funds to buy Chaos packs, I could use some Alric funds to buy a new guitar to replace the one I just broke but that's another story.

I've got to get to bed now so I'll have a think about what to do in my dreams but if anyone happens to read this and has any advice I'll be glad to hear it.

Thanks for reading



Sell it bro, enjoy the new guitar.

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damn dude that's amazing. If it was me, I'd sell sell sell!

Wow! I'd sell but if Splinterlands were to grow like it has in the next couple of years, it could be worth even more.

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