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A couple versions of another one waterfall. A bit more picturesque than the last ones.

DSC_0585 (2).JPG

DSC_0573 (3).JPG

Camera LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Prompt / Theme: Do you see long term value in the Hive platform, or do you think a new platform will take its userbase and future blockchain bloggers?

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Thanks for having a look 👍


I think many have tried and all failed. And it will probably continue that way, since slowly but steadily, Hive is getting better everyday.

Seem like hive is here to stay, I can see a lot of experience and wisdom steering this ship.

Congrats on winning :) Hopefully HIVE will be with us long into the future.



Thank you! Do I need to do anything to claim three prize? I'm grateful.

Shouldn't need to do anything. The HBI Share should already be subscribed, as per the transaction screenshot above (seems I missed attaching the screenshot on your comment below, though it supports sending through multiple subscriptions through one transaction). You can use !sbi status to check your Hive SBI account.

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I think Steem / Hive have first mover advantage and will prevail, maybe they won't be number one for ever like say facebook and another project will surpass them, but it won't mean they will go under, especially if the blockchain ecosystem and userbase keeps growing as a whole,
and wow that's a nice waterfall

I’m just starting to understand how hove works. Somehow I’ve had a steep learning curve with crypto. I do think the idea of a social media platform where the earnings go to the content makers rather than the platform makers is awesome and worthwhile. I wonder if there are ways to translate the earnings into real world engagements as well so it doesn’t result in completely justifying endless screen time and support further disembodiment. But, since we’re all spending so much dissociated time on screens, better to do it earning a dime as culture creators.

Also, realizing as I write this that, in a sense, this redistribution to the content makers creates a strange new economy where communism and capitalism meet. Maybe I’ll have to write my own first post about that. Sorry answer, yes, I see long term value.

Your response really got me thinking about some of the futuristic trapped in game-show stories, where people get rewarded based on the whims of their audience 🤔 What sort of dystopian future are we being the precursor to 👀? 😆

Shouldn't hurt to be in the economy while its still relatively new..


I see long-term value in Splinterlands and Hive because it's a simpler but more modern and fun version of other magic card games out there. It's like old fashioned 5 card poker, simple but still fun.
I'll take the DEC because I need to buy more cards to win. Sucks all these magic card games will always be mostly pay to win.

look cool.



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