River (of NFTs) Flow

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Prompt / Theme: Which of the new NFT games listed below are of interest to you? Why?

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Camera LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm


So, we are in what many have labelled the NFT craze. My question for you is if you're taking part in what seems to me to be an NFT flood. Maybe I've been hiding under a rock prior to this, but it seems that there are a lot more blockchain games popping up, especially those with Hive community members involved.

Over the past couple of years, I've played Splinterlands, dCity and Rabona, three completely different games on Hive. These have been fairly steady, most of my time spent in Splinterlands, with the other two getting occasional attention.

Now though, shortly after I took @mattclarke's prompting regarding Alien Worlds on Wax, my list of future games I'm watching out for has grown to four.

1. Astral Entities (Discord)

Built on WAX, not a game in itself, but a collection of NFTs which are being built to centre an ecosystem around. They have multiple games already planned. The first two games on they've begun to list are Taegyn, a head-to-head card game, and Battlehold, a PVE/PVP Tower Defense game.


2. Unsung Hero

Built on Hive, this idle game is very much reminiscent of my time spent playing EOS Knight. I quite enjoyed building my way along, collecting materials and crafting. Currently in testing, I'm looking forward to playing this game soon.

3. Mu Terra (Discord)

Built on Wax (and Hive), this Trading Card RPG game will task players with capturing and training mutated animals - Mutees - in order to save humanity from extinction.

Welcome to MuTerra .... You knew it by the name - Earth, but that was before the planet's inner radiation mutated every living organism on it.

4. dCrops (Discord)

Built on Hive, this one remind me of Farmville, which was one of the first games I played online. Years ago I remember spending hours planting and harvesting crops. Their Alpha sale is currently ongoing with a promotion.


Promos (+giveaway)

As is a trend in marketing, freebies can be found. For the NFT collector with a wax wallet, both Astral Entities and Mu Terra are offering NFTs to people in their Discord Servers.

Astral Entities:


Bonus giveaway to those who join Astral Entities through my (Discord) invite
(https://discord.gg/yZgEUxk5dK), in addition to the usual giveaway: Show me a screenshot of your Discord tag having the "Alpha Questioner" role for the pick of one of the below prizes.

Rules: 1 per person, new member's of the DIscord server only, expires with this giveaway. If more than 5 people enter I will draw 5 winners.
Disclaimer; they have a Discord invite competition.

MuTerra Promo's:


Giveaway 🎁 - 2 winners
Prize A: 2 HIVE SBI (default)
Prize B: 500 DEC

Winners will be chosen randomly after post payout. Please specify if you want a particular prize from those listed above.


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Thanks for having a look 👍


Haven’t played any other NFT game apart from splinterlands, I have recently gone big into tournaments and have a pretty good performance on my bronze level account.

No, I am not... I see NFTs as collectibles. It's something that should not be bought with the expectation of earning 200% in 2 weeks, by reselling. Sadly, the market went crazy... and many people are paying incredibly stupid prices for these things. Some of them are not worth 1/10000 of it, in my opinion. 🤔

I was watching my boy, Fletch play a first person shooter earlier today; and caught myself wondering if by the time he leaves High school (10 years from now) he'll be one of my employees, playing first person shooters with my assets.

Don't forget me as a potential employee 😉 I'll keep those Flesh Golems slaving away at their Lands 24/7 with a bit of programming..

Games like Dota, Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike GO, imagine if they went NFT instead of centralised 🤯

No reason FPS won't be absorbed; and quickly. When it starts, it'll be a tsunami :)

I’m under the impression FPS is still a bit down the road because of resource requirements.

Are you familiar with "The Room"? https://www.fireproofgames.com/games/the-room

Hive feels like a great environment to launch a series like this.
I'm not sure how NFTs could factor in other than as lost treasure, though, but it feels like there’d be a way to create a need for booster packs and expansions. 😁

I can imagine NFTs being used like DLCs. It's not feasible to block people from actually changing their local files, but something like opening up a new story line on an online game, only accessible if you have that NFT in your account (in sure there would be done version of doing this already?).

I CAN'T WAIT to see the innovations this brings. I get too giddy thinking about this stuff and it's too early to to start drifting around smiling like an idiot for no apparent reason. I better peace out now.

Battlehold seems interesting. Really a big fan of PVP tower defense game.

We have over 70 pages of info & ideas for it already 🙏 hopefully we can make it as awesome as we are imagining