Zionist-controlled USA Bombs Syria and Iraq for Israel

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Zionist-controlled USA carried out a bombing campaign against dozens of targets in Syria and Iraq claiming in retaliation to the bombing of a US Army base in Jordan near the borders with Syria that resulted in the killing and injuring of 3 dozen US soldiers.

The bombing of US soldiers in their base is legal and must be appreciated and supported whether the US Army base is in Syria or in Jordan, if it's in Syria then it's illegal by international law, however, if it's in Jordan, it is located on the borders with Syria operating in junction with the illegal US Army base in the Al Tanf area inside Syria against the Syrian state, again, its operations are illegal based on international law.

The US bombing of Syrian and Iraqi targets is illegal, it's a war crime added to the very long list of war crimes the evil of empire committed in the past century.

By analyzing the targets bombed by the USA in both Syria and Iraq, it's very obvious the US bombing targeted posts used by armed groups operating under the command of the Iraqi PMU, an integral part of the Iraqi Armed Forces, and in coordination with the Syrian Arab Army with their main task is combating ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) in both countries.

A statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense said as much:

“The area targeted by the American attacks (3 February) in eastern Syria is the same area where the Syrian Arab Army is fighting the remnants of the terrorist organization ISIS, and this confirms that the United States and its military forces are involved and allied with this organization, and are working to revive it as a field arm for it, whether in Syria or Iraq, by all dirty means, and that this aggression has no justification other than an attempt to weaken the ability of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the field of fighting terrorism.”

In addition to aiding ISIS which operates to destabilize Israel's enemies Syria and Iraq, the US bombing was meant to aid Israel directly by inviting a further retaliation that would easily escalate into a regional war, thus diverting the world's attention from the Holocaust and genocide Israel is committing against the Palestinians in Gaza.

More in this report: Zionist Biden Bombs Syria and Iraq for Israel and ISIS Proxies.

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