Austrian constitutional court starts asking questions, finally!

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A letter appeared, and for 2 days nobody believed it. But now it has been confirmed: The Austrian court of constitution wrote a letter to the government. It demands answers, with a deadline (Feb. 18th).
The questions are quite brilliant. Or rather quite basic, as a lot of us have been asking them for 2 years. Generally speaking they are asking for the facts behind the decisions. Here is a rough summary:

  • Who died from C19, who died only with C19 and why this strange mixup of numbers?
  • Average age of people hospitalized because of C19, and for people in the ICU because of C19, as well as people that died of C19.
  • How many (from 100.000) die after being sick of C19, plus age and gender, how many after being infected, and how many of the general population? Sounds like asking for risk assessment.
  • Which variants are there right now?
  • Which areas show what percentage of infection (work, home, leisure....) ?
  • What's the impact of masks (FFP2)?
  • All the jab questions: In general the question is how/where the jabs help, compared to non-jabbed. How long does it provide protection, what protection does it provide, can jabbed still infect others, how many jabbed are in hospitals for C19...
  • Can a tested person be infectious within 72h of the test? What's the risk of infection by a jabbed compared to a tested person, non-jabbed?
  • What's the risk of being hospitalized for an unjabbed 25y old? What's the risk for a jabbed? What difference does age make? Lockdown for unjabbed: How much does it lower the risk of infection for the population? Does this lockdown lower the risk of hospitalization? How many more hospitalizations could one expect without this lockdown?
  • How do you explain the high excess mortality while C19 mortality goes down?

I expect that the mafia does not have answers, and I am curious if this will have consequences.

This is a very rough summary; I just wanted to get this out asap, to fellow interested hivers like @drutter @themarkymark @ura-soul @der-prophet @woelfchen @kaminchan @mundharmonika @lighteye @phusionphil @shepz1 and others, please spread this.

You can download the letter in german here:

Things are moving!


Hey man,

just wanted to say a thank you for giving my channel a follow!

Lets fight this fucking tyranny together!

For a better live ;)

These are all important questions to get to the actual facts of the numbers in the covid situation It will be interesting to see the answers to these questions.

Thanks for sharing this intels about austrian situation (even if from some days ago). I recently read that austrian government is opening things up. Is this true?
I guess Italy will stay in a perennial emergency situation

The Austrian gov is desperate, and stupid. They are afraid of re-elections, so they gave in and will open up. But not of their 'own free will'. Another BUT, they still insist on the mandate of injections. They are the only ones left talking about immunity from this shit-jab!!!! Even media is slowly leaving the sinking ship.
There is one hope: They are stupid enough to ridicule themselves even more. Which might cause re-elections. And there are surveys, that in case of election all the major parties will loose tremendously. Winner would be a newly founded party that - for a party - are quite good.

How is the situation in Italy?

here they have just modified the Constitution, with the chance to create new lockdowns based upon climate emergencies.
And the GP is still necessary to play sports and much more. Front-line doctors are starting admitting that jabs are not as useful as they made all believe. People are awakening

This is the fight we live in: Awakening vs. power-hungry greedy madness. Truth vs. believe. Governments vs. the people.
Intense times, I hope it will be the awakening... Let's see in 2 years. Or five. Or 25?

Thanks for the shout out brother, I am doing a 10 part series about how this whole event fails, part 2 tomorrow, part 5 you will love, part 10 more so, then writing a book about it (half way through that), with more "facts" as to why government is no longer relevant.

In a post I had looked for the official ones for Germany.

the risk of dying of covid19 in 1.5 years in germany was 0.12%

the risk of suffering a severe vaccination reaction in 0.5 years was 0.14%

ps. @stayoutoftherz and @indextrader24 have also written very interesting posts about this

Great. My father was a bit stressed lately because of the mandatory vaccine that's supposed to be enforced as of February. Hope this thing will finally put an ene to the pandemic

Good to hear! - there is action gradually being taken all around the world, even some in sleepy New Zealand...Two years has been a long time to wait, but better late than never

I joined a litigation group and will be serving local businesses NOI and NOL warnings. If they lie about not receiving the first NOI then I sue for fraud too.

well, the facts dont change -- but interpretations do.

I guess that now somewhere in the Austrian gov the facts are hastily made up... That at least is progress.

depends what do you mean saying 'made up'...
if this means that the necessary facts / statistics are now "rigged", then I'm not sure that this is progress. just a disinformation retaliation.

...above all, I got a flu myself. hard 39C part took 1 day, then 38.5 one day (and 37.5 will take.... lets see how much longer). I considered it to be a flue, a harsh one, but an old good flu... but folks say it is the current running (weakened) version of C-19. then, I am amazed now: is THIS it was all about?? so much collateral damage ?!?!!

anyway. dont feel scared, and best wishes! wish you a great year of 2022!

Indeed, I was being cynic. Which is important for survival in Austria ;)
It is all a huge mess of misinformation, greed and lies. I hope this will change, soon, but it seems quite fucked up. So much damage, so little responsibility.

So you got this flu! In Austria everybody wants it...
But it seems to be like you experienced it: Why this mess? Why this collateral? Ok, it's a weaker version now, but it is obvious that also the previous versions could be handled with ease, if they were handled properly ;)

but it is obvious that also the previous versions could be handled with ease, if they were handled properly ;)

yes! exactly. every user case is personal, peciliar, but still.

In Austria everybody wants it...

hahahaha! lol. heheh. I am lucky ;)))))

ha! how can it change if we live under capitalism and consumerism?.. and both are about money... unless some common human mindframe will change.

hey, apparently this summer I stumbled upon a nice video interview with Leonard Cohen, ... among other things he was asked about 60-es. I remember the main idea of his answer: good guys lost. money won. we had then that road to go, but money won. I think I can rely here on his evaluation of the thing...

Good ol' Leonhard! What he describes is the hijacking and messing up of great movements; this tactics are used a lot... And it seems like all the good of the left-humanist-alternative movement has been hijacked and messed up like nothing before.

I do hope that this shit goes deep enough to end capitalism and sonsumerism, but maybe this will take another 500 years?

uhu. ideas are the strongest and if they can not be defeated, then one need to lead, spoil and pervert them

least we can do, is keep our souls and try to educate our kidz. right?

Exactly! And keeping your soul is actually quite easy, if you haven't sold your compass ;)

I do think that our actions count. Maybe not in the way of overthrowing an elite, but in the way
a.) it gives us the solace of "I've said /done it", a rewarding feeling no matter which outcome
b.) in the way Edward Snowden expressed it in an inspiring talk with Joe Rogan: We are creeping into the future. What he meant is (I think) that it is all made from tiny actions, little steps forward (and back). It is impossible to evaluate the impact of one's actions. But one also cannot negate this impact.

Times of repression are often followed by times of thoughtful freedom. Can't wait for that ;) Personally I am quite fine those days, there is some clarity, but I had to loose quite a few friends and family to get to this point :( I also was very lucky to have a crypto income!