Unavailability of vegan food in airline makes the news!

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Vegan food still not a mainstream food and usually confused with vegetarian food. Today a news"Vegan flyer served just nuts & crisps on a 7-hour flight"drew my attention and I had a mixed filling that a person is suffered because he is vegan and on the other side his being a vegan made an international news which sent a message of veganism in the society.

In-flight vegan meal
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The person was offered salty peanuts and crisps and he said due to that he felt sick and dehydrated. The airline said that they didn't receive any request for the vegan meal but passenger claimed he prebooked vegan food. According to the airline, there was some miscommunication between airline and tour operator.
I came across one more similar news Airline denies vegan food, rises hackles of animal activist This incident happened in India last year.
As the nos. of vegans increasing all over the world airlines need to start catering for vegans properly but already there are some airlines like Air Canada, Air France, Nippon Airways, US Airways etc offering vegan inflight-meals. Here is the complete list of airlines

After being vegan when I traveled I didn't find any vegan option in flight so I just removed non-vegan food and enjoyed other vegan food items. The same thing happened when I traveled by train.

  • Are you always happy and satisfied with your in-flight meal? Share if you have any bad/good experiences.

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I had quite good experiences on flights so far but also stumble across a flight menu with sometimes not even a vegetarian option. This seems to depend on the airline, cheaper ones tend to offer just the ordinary stuff without any compassionate and healthy alternatives.

On my last flight, we had issues pre-booking some meals beforehand and expected to stay hungry during the flight. But the amazingly friendly steward took up the challenge and collected raw vegan items from the crew's meal selections and put together a beautiful meal for us. There are so many generous and loving humans out there - I am full of gratitude for such experiences. 💚

Why just airlines, even trains and hotels should demonstrate some hospitality to vegan travelers.

You know, why I avoid Air-conditioned coaches in Indian Railways? They always provide Raymonds' 100% pure woolen blankets there as if it's something nice! I don't want to pay for such a service so I travel Sleeper Class with my own sleeping bag.

The only blessing in disguise is ...I save some money this way 😊

Yes, as the vegan population is growing hopefully travel industry will be mature enough to cater travelers vegans properly.

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When I was flying from Mumbai to France I pre-ordered vegan food. They forgot to load it to the plain, and then tried to give me an apple and some nuts in stead.

I asked to talk to her "boss" and told him that I paid for vegan food, and that I knew that they must have some more vegan food in the plain than nuts and fruit.

After some time they came to me with a fully vegan meal from "1.st class". It did not taste soo good, but at I was happy to at least get a meal!

An apple... =(

I always have great vegan food in airlines! The best were in Qatar Airways.
Often they are Indian meals that I love :)

I feel Vegan diet is becoming popular and hence the Airlines should give a serious thought on providing vegan meals. On a long journey flight can expect the person to go without any meals.

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You have to be rich to have a sufficient vegan diet, otherwise you will wind up skinny and malnourished.

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I hate eating the crappy air-port/plane food, makes me all bloated and now days it's not always complimentary, but quite pricey...

I rather eat a falafel or something when Im on my way to or from the air-port... Maybe a coffee and sometimes hard liquor on the plane, at least if it's a stressful flight...

You know you can bring those cheap mini-bottles from the tax free on to the flight because they are small enough, drives the airport-security a bit mad but as long as the bottles are under 1.7 ounces, they can't steal them from you and throw them away...

And you can enjoy affordable "vegan cocktails" to make your plane-ride go quicker...