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RE: UK Downgrades nCoV-19, the Solutions are 5G & the "Digital Dollar", and Much More

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Great read, thanks. Lots of stuff in here to digest so it will take me a while! I only know for sure that this scenario is another psychotic war-games type of event. It seems that the demons (archons) are feeding off all the negative energy that's being produced en masse right now. Lots of wild things happening!


Thank you!

Ya, it does seem to be another one of their planned panics, seeing where they can grab power, who steps out of line too much, and most importantly keeping the masses in a low vibrational state... Well that and giving them a great excuse for the market collapse that doesn't point the finger at the people who actually caused it.

Personally, I've seen more people get activated by this than any event in a LONG time, so I'm certainly feeling hopeful :-) The nature of cause & effect, action & reaction, seems like it turns every push for power into even more resistance to that power, and more drive for liberty & truth.

Blessings fam!

I heard rumblings of the economic things but until I watched one of the Corbett report episodes he did the other day, he outlined the real craziness that's going on. Absolutely some shady shit! Companies (don't remember if it was banks or companies, though sometimes there isn't much of a difference between the two [GM?]) don't have to hold liquidity any longer? Fantastic..

I do agree though that this in turn has had a pretty significant effect on those who normally would swallow it hook line and sinker. They've used the panic card a bit too much and now people are starting to see things differently.

Oh ya, they reduced the reserve requirements for banks to 0. Meaning that they no longer have any requirement to actually have any of the money people have deposited on hand.

They've used the panic card a bit too much and now people are starting to see things differently.

I definitely seem to be getting that sense too. They've created a LOT of imbalance. Seems like the middle ground is dissolving, and people are either going full retard (Tropic Thunder reference) or really waking up.

“You never go full retard” lol good reference!

Cheers, good discussions! I appreciate numerous perspectives, both in line with mine and maybe not so in line.